The integration enables hoteliers to optimise energy consumption, enhance operational efficiency, and ultimately reduce costs without compromising guest comfort or experience.

(Edinburgh) 28 February 2024 –RoomRaccoon, the leading hotel management system for independent hotels, today announced its integration with Zennio, a pioneer in control automation solutions. This is the very first Energy Management System integration available to RoomRaccoon users, empowering hoteliers to enhance guest comfort and reduce energy consumption.

Zennio’s energy-saving solutions, when combined with RoomRaccoon, optimise room settings based on occupancy. This smart integration boosts energy efficiency and leads to significant cost savings, with rooms automatically switching to energy-saving mode upon guest check-out in RoomRaccoon’s PMS. 

“Controlling operating expenses is essential for the success of any hotel property.  Given the current market conditions and the constant pressure on the hospitality industry, investing in climate control technology can be a smart move to reduce operational costs. With the addition of Zennio to our marketplace, we are able to offer our hoteliers a comprehensive solution that not only improves guest experiences but also optimises energy consumption, leading to a significant reduction in operational costs,” says Steven Reffin, Head of Partnerships at RoomRaccoon

Other benefits of the integration include: 

Personalised Experience: Hoteliers can enhance guest satisfaction by presenting guest details and preferences directly on Zennio’s smart control interface, allowing for customised room settings and amenities throughout their stay.

Efficient Check-Ins: RoomRaccoon’s property management system seamlessly syncs with Zennio’s smart locks, providing guests with a hassle-free check-in experience.

Enhanced Eco-Friendly Reputation: Hotels leveraging this integration can bolster their reputation as eco-conscious establishments, appealing to environmentally-conscious travellers and gaining a competitive edge in the market.

The RoomRaccoon and Zennio integration is available to hoteliers worldwide.