Hotels embrace experience management as told by Simon Bullingham, CEO, Journey.

Hotels can finally offer guests a complete menu of experiences and open up a whole new world of revenue

In the Experience Economy, luxury hoteliers excel in creating moments that transcend typical service. Crafting exceptional experiences contributes to a hotel’s sentiment and reputation. To fully capitalise on this, hotel technology must evolve. Recent advancements in system performance and connectivity are ushering in a new era of software, opening up opportunities for increased profitability.

Consolidating on-site experiences 

Traditionally, hotel technology has revolved around room bookings and Property Management Systems (PMS). The real potential lies in selling and optimising revenue from every guest. Enter the Experience Management System (EMS), a breakthrough solution that consolidates all on-site experiences – from spa and golf to leisure activities and facility rentals – into a single, integrated platform connected to the PMS.

Seamless integration between EMS and PMS improves team efficiency, reduces silos, and minimises process duplication. The digital connectivity provided by this integration ensures a complete guest journey, enhancing both guest satisfaction and staff efficiency.

Building a unique offering

Hotels can further capitalise on the EMS by retailing a variety of products and services, aligning them with the property’s values and brand. Direct connections with the EMS enable hotels to retail a wide range of products, including events, experiences and self-service facilities, consolidating them into a single shopping cart.

As hotels move beyond commodity-driven sales, the EMS becomes a central tool for presenting holistic, value-driven experiences digitally. It counters the commoditization of hotel rooms perpetuated by Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and comparison sites, providing guests with a comprehensive itinerary and unlocking new revenue streams.

If you can manage it, you can sell it

The EMS empowers hoteliers to be true experience-makers, seizing the opportunity to control and deliver every aspect of a guest’s itinerary. By embracing digital solutions that enhance the guest experience and open up new revenue channels, hotels can position themselves as leaders in the evolving landscape of the Experience Economy.