Research reveals the ways in which hospitality businesses can eliminate plastic waste and meet customer expectations

New research now reveals hospitality businesses’ environmental initiatives, or lack thereof, are directly impacting consumer decisions:

  • 82% said it was important to them that hospitality businesses reduce single use plastic
  • 62% are more likely to choose a hospitality business that’s transparent about the measures they have taken to reduce single use plastic
  • Half (50%) are most frustrated by single use plastic cups in hospitality settings

From the government’s plastic ban to ever-rising costs, hotel operators are under a great deal of pressure to reduce hidden plastic waste and meet customer expectations. Over half (53%) of consumers say reducing single use plastic is the most important sustainability initiative when choosing a hospitality business, far more than carbon neutrality (17%) or providing plant-based menus (14%), new research by leading water dispenser brand BRITA VIVREAU has revealed[1].

Hotel customers would be likely to use cold (79%) or hot water dispensers (65%) to make drinks to take out with them for the day. The main motivation for making their own drinks is to avoid using a single use plastic cup or single use plastic bottle (30%). However, there are some hotel environments where consumers feel less comfortable asking for their reusable bottles to be refilled, despite the majority (62%) using reusable bottles in everyday life to reduce single use plastic. 75% said they would be likely to use a water refill station in a hospitality setting, but almost a quarter (24%) would feel uncomfortable asking for refills in a 5* hotel.

And it doesn’t stop at kitchen facilities, travellers also want refillable shampoo and bodywash bottles (25%), light sensors in rooms (21%), hotel towels to only be washed when requested (18%) and plastic key cards to be replaced with keyless entry systems (17%).

Chris Dagenais, General Manager, BRITA VIVREAU UK, says: 

“The government ban on single use plastics coming into effect in October will mean eliminating single use plastic is front of mind for hotel operators. By demonstrating a move towards reducing waste, operators can show they are aligned with their customer’s values and forge stronger relationships with them. We want to support businesses in their efforts to reduce single use plastic and spearhead a move towards a ‘refill’ culture to meet consumer demands and help the planet.”

To help hotel operators achieve these goals, BRITA VIVREAU has launched a mini toolkit providing actionable insight for businesses to reduce their single use plastic. Taking steps to choose sustainable equipment like a BRITA VIVREAU water dispenser can help cut out single use plastic and reduce up to 86% of CO₂ each year compared to bottled water.

Visit to download the toolkit.

For more information on moving towards better sustainable practices contact:

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