Regale, a leading supplier of commercial microwaves, accelerated cooking ovens and the Microsave brand, has been appointed as an authorised distributor for the new CiBO+ offering free next-day delivery and free onsite training. 

CiBO+ sets a new benchmark in high-speed ventless cooking, providing businesses with unparalleled speed, quality, and versatility in food preparation from baguettes to quesadillas, to stir-fries and cake. 

With faster service, orders are prepared and served immediately, reducing wait times, and enhancing customer satisfaction. The oven which has five temperature groups, ensures consistent quality with fantastic food every time, expanding menu options and increasing productivity by minimising queues and wait times.

CiBO+ maintains a compact footprint (395mm wide and 665mm deep, cooking area 340mm x 340mm), optimising space utilisation in busy kitchens. Its competitive pricing makes it an attractive investment, maximising profits for businesses while delivering superior performance. The oven’s innovative design, available in black, red, purple, and green, future-proofs businesses, integrating advanced technology for long-term relevance and success.

The unique Tri-Heat Technology revolutionises cooking processes, combining three heat sources – TurboAir (convection), ContactBase, and Microwave – to deliver fast, quality, and consistent results*. 

Key features of CiBO+ include its versatile cooking capabilities, fully customisable QPad touch screen with 40 menu items, plug-and-play installation, and ventless technology, allowing for installation in non-traditional spaces with ventless technology. Additionally, antimicrobial protection on the ergonomic handle and touchpad enhances hygiene and safety, while durable stainless-steel construction ensures longevity and easy maintenance.

Iain Phillips, Managing Director at Regale, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership with CiBO+ and emphasised Regale’s commitment to customer satisfaction “We are thrilled to offer the CiBO+ to our customers to deliver unparalleled speed, quality, and efficiency in food preparation. Additionally, we are proud to provide free on-site training and menu development for every unit sold, ensuring our customers receive personalised support and expertise.”