Born in 2016 to provide bottled cocktails exclusively to the hospitality industry, Bottleproof Cocktails now have a range of over 25 premium cocktails and non-alcoholic cocktails, which they have been supplying to some of the UK’s top hotels. We caught up with the two owners to see what the trends are and how their product can help you.


What are your backgrounds?

Bottleproof Cocktails was set up by Charlie Anderson and Mark Thompson.

Mark Thompson, Co-owner and Head of Sales:

I have over 25 years’ experience working in the prestige hospitality sector working at Moet Hennessy for a number of years before setting up Bottleproof with Charlie. 

Charlie Anderson, co-owner and head of production, r&d:

I have owned cocktail bars since 2003 and a cocktail events company. 

Why did you set up Bottleproof?

Charlie: We put our first cocktails into bottles back in 2013 to celebrate one of my bars’ 10th birthday, using Hennessy Cognac. We then created the Bottleproof name and started using the cocktails in-house for a few events, mainly as table favours at weddings. Mark then saw an opportunity to take the concept to the wider market… 

Mark: Yes, I was at Charlie’s Bar’s birthday party as his Moet sales manager. After the event, it struck me that the bottled cocktail concept could be attractive to hotels who I know were struggling with being able to serve consistent cocktails throughout their F&B offering. Charlie and I met up and decided to start Bottleproof Cocktails as its own company with a mission to provide a perfect bar serve cocktail solution to the on-trade.



How has the industry perception of pre-mixed cocktails changed pre and post-covid, particularly regarding hotels?

Mark: When we first started, there was quite a negative feeling towards pre-batched or bottled cocktails as it was alien to most premium operators and there were a few cheap, synthetic tasting, low abv options available that had stained the market.

Post-covid, we all know the difficulties of labour shortages in our industry and hotels have been one of the hardest hit. As a result, our cocktails have been in higher demand as venues struggle to find qualified cocktail bartenders. 

Charlie: Post-covid, the consumer was looking for drinks that they couldn’t have at home during lockdown. We saw a massive surge in demand at Bottleproof. It seems the consumer was wanting to drink less but drink better. CGA statistics back this up as demand for cocktails has increased. The resulting increase in the number of venues using our cocktails seems at the same time to have changed the consumer perception. Consumers now accept that a partially pre-made cocktail can match the quality of a professional cocktail bartender serve and deliver on consistency every time.

Mark: “partially pre-made” is a key point too. We feel that a customer at a bar still wants to have a cocktail made for them, as opposed to an RTD, so we have deliberately retained the theatre of a cocktail serve as you still have to shake, stir or build our cocktails. It is just much quicker as you are pouring the base ingredients from one bottle rather than 3, 4 or 5. It also helps with stock control and wastage.

How can hotels benefit from using your products?

Mark: For some venues it will enable them to add cocktails to their menus for the first time. For those that already do, our products will enable better speed of service (under 30 seconds), stock control, less wastage, consistency, good cash margins and very little training (and potentially lower wage costs)

Charlie: Whether for a complete cocktail service, infill in some of the areas where hotels cannot make cocktails (Spa’s, C&B etc) or for bespoke cocktails we can help. We also have a unique cocktail we have designed specifically for hotel rooms, that requires no ice or shaking so can be self-served by guests. 

What makes you different from the competition?

Mark: We are definitely progressive, with over 25 cocktails and non-alcoholic cocktails plus our bespoke cocktail service. This allows our customers seasonal, balanced and regularly changing menus. Our cocktails include bestselling classics plus our own unique creations. We are definitely premium using only premium untied branded spirits and juices plus our own syrups. We don’t use base spirits and we don’t add colourings, flavourings, or preservatives. In line with our trade only ethos, all our cocktails are full abv, using double measures so they reciprocate the “perfect bar serve”. 

Charlie: With over 50 years combined experience in the on-trade between Mark and I, we understand what each venue needs and have the flexibility to adapt to those needs.

How do you see the future?

Charlie Being collectively more sustainable. We have just released some of our cocktails in ground-breaking 94% recyclable paper bottles which are five times lighter than glass with up to six times less carbon footprint. We now have a production line set up to fill and cap these bottles and we expect many of our customers will switch to this option. Over the course of the next few months, more of our range will be available through this format. As well as being more eco-friendly for hotels, the paper bottles will also help reduce their commercial refuse costs so it is win, win.

Mark: We will maintain our ethos of being a trade exclusive product which we strongly believe is an important differentiation between us and other companies. Over the next 12 months, we will also look to increase our sales through export. Above all though, we hope that more and more trade outlets in the UK, whether a hotel, pub, restaurant, events venue or theatre will see the benefit of our product both to their bottom line and in diversification of their offering.

For more information, see, contact:, Tel 01223 462211