RBH has announced a new strategic alliance with Australian third-party hotel management company, Gatehouse Hospitality.

Representing the biggest international move for RBH in its 22 years of operation, this exclusive collaboration will propel the management company’s ambitious growth plan for cross-continent business. The nature of the partnership seeks to facilitate RBH’s expansion to a new market, while imparting knowledge of successful third-party management to the Gatehouse team in what is a relatively new but emerging operating model in the Asia-Pacific region.

Until now, there have been no significant third-party management companies that span both the UK and the Asia-Pacific regions. In an open narrative since September 2021, both RBH and Gatehouse have mutually recognised the lucrative opportunity to combine expertise in asset management, consultancy and financing in two largely different geographical arenas.

Gatehouse Hospitality is a joint venture between leading independent hotel asset management and advisory firm, Minett Prime Square, and Perri Projects, a diversified private investment and property development group.

Both management teams have extensive experience in hotel operations, business development and asset management, and have been responsible for launching new brands, developing and implementing strategies for entering new markets, growing their respective businesses to capture market share, and developing teams that have in turn provided the hospitality sector with a breadth of talent and future industry leaders.

This will be a well-timed venture as RBH continues its expansion into the luxury hotel sphere, with the recent additions of The Westin London City and The Gantry London, CURIO Collection by Hilton.

On the alliance, RBH’s CEO David Hart said: “This is a significant step for our business that will benefit our existing stakeholders and investors hugely, as well as leveraging our strategy to develop in the Asia-Pacific market. These past few years in particular, we’re constantly seeing how collaboration can lead to success, so we’re delighted to have diligently chosen a partner that mirrors our own company values while bringing such a huge amount of knowledge to the table.

“In addition to the expertise, the collaboration of effective systems and processes that streamline both of our business models as well as facilitating business opportunities for each other is going to be fundamental to our growth.”

Robert Wilson, Gatehouse’s CEO said: “Our firm is delighted to enter a meaningful alliance with RBH, a company that we have admired and seen as a terrific example of a leading third-party hotel manager. We look forward to expanding our businesses together. Hotel franchising is finally gaining acceptance in this region, and this provides owners with the opportunity to benefit from the strength of established hotel brands and systems while retaining management independence.”