With authenticity continuing to be a major theme within foodservice, La Lorraine Bakery Group has responded to this by adding Topped Flatbreads and Rustic Rolls to its bread range – offering quality, freshness, and bundles of flavour.

Its new selection of high-quality Topped Flatbreads is available in four delicious variants – minced meat, pulled pork – pineapple, chicken kebab and veggie. The soft yet crispy dough is decorated with fingerprints to give it that personal, handcrafted touch and each variety is made with the finest ingredients packed with total goodness.

These soft and airy flatbread snacks are extremely versatile and ready to bake straight from the freezer and can be served within minutes – making them highly convenient and flexible for busy foodservice operations as breakfast or lunchtime snacks.

La Lorraine Bakery Group’s new Rustic Rolls also offer quality and above all, sophistication. Available in three varieties – white, brown and multiseed – each roll goes through a unique baking process which sees the dough naturally burst and crack. The end result is an expressive rustic look and feel, giving each roll that premium, authentic touch.

Featuring a thin crust and soft crumb, these rolls are part-baked, therefore allowing caterers to only ‘bake off’ exactly what they need, when they need it – which means more convenience and a lot less wastage.

The use of fresh yogurt in the dough allows the rustic rolls to have a distinct yet timeless flavour, making them the perfect everyday roll. Thanks to the potato flakes in the recipe, they keep their moisture and freshness for longer – making them the ideal product for any foodservice establishment.