How healthier, premium bread products are creating new opportunities for hotel operators to innovate with their menus, by Rebecca Calveley, Trade Marketing Manager for La Lorraine Bakery Group.

The trend for all things artisanal shows no sign of abating, and the popularity of global, healthy breads is still growing. This opens up plentiful opportunities for hotel operators to innovate with their products – not only to improve their offering, but to increase profits and drive footfall.

Bread is a staple food of many cultures. Whether it’s a focaccia from Italy, tortilla from Mexico or even a rustic baguette from France, the choice out there is endless. From Spanish barra to American style buns for gourmet burgers, hotel caterers have access to a host of global premium products available within the Panesco range, one of La Lorraine Bakery Group’s finest brands.

Along with quality, consumers are also seeking out clean, healthier products. With this in mind, it is imperative that hotel caterers continue to develop their products, using the finest authentic ingredients. Amongst many other products, Panesco’s artisan Buchette half baguettes offer just that, along with its Barra Rustica; a delicious Spanish multigrain half-baguette.

The vegan bread market also remains a key focus for operators, with 25% of the population expected to be vegetarian or vegan by 2025. Panesco has tapped into this growth area with a range of breads, including its Schiacciata Lingua Romana Flatbread and Fill & Grill Romana Flatbread Multigrain and White breads – both strong contenders within the vegan channel.

Sourdough is also rising in popularity and when added to other products, can enhance menu offerings. Panesco’s artisanal Wood Fired Loaves are a prime example. Made with quality ingredients including natural active sourdough, these breads are ideal breakfast items within any hotel environment.

Rebecca Calveley, Trade Marketing Manager for La Lorraine Bakery Group, said: “Our delicious bread range fits perfectly within any hotel setup for a number of reasons – starting with its guarantee to offer freshness, consistency and above all, quality. Whether it be a breakfast buffet or lunchtime snack at a hotel bar, our quality bread products have something for everyone – at every time of day.”

Positioning itself as one of the market leaders in frozen bake off products in Europe and the UK and Ireland, La Lorraine Bakery Group’s breads are either fully baked, part baked or ready to thaw and serve, to maximise trade while supporting all levels of skill in the kitchen.

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