As sustainability continues to remain a priority in the hospitality industry, we caught up with sustainable towel, bathrobe and footwear brand, BC SoftWear as we explore their latest SmartSoft range, presenting luxury hotels with a eco-friendly towel that maintains a premium feel.

BC SoftWear supplies high-end, luxury towels, bathrobes and footwear to hotels and spas, in their field of expertise their team is seeing a shift towards properties seeking more sustainable options. They’ve had requests for environmentally friendly ways to meet towelling, robe and slipper needs, without compromising on quality.

“With energy saving so high on the agenda, and laundering creating one of the biggest energy expenses for hotels and spas, we knew we had to create a product that reduced both laundering energy costs and water consumption,” explained BC SoftWear Founder and CEO, Barbara Cooke. “When you’re laundering as many towels and robes as a high-end hotel does every day, those costs soon add up for both the hotel and the environment.”

At BC SoftWear, protecting the planet is a key focus. The company considers the environmental impact of everything it does, from the factories it works with to laundry energy costs. To help hoteliers significantly reduce energy expenditure and water consumption, and in doing so decrease their impact on the environment, BC SoftWear created the SmartSoft range of eco-friendly towels.

A product in the SmartSoft range uses up to 70% less energy during laundering compared with a traditional towel, 10% less water and takes up to 31% less time to dry. It includes SupremeSoft robes, spa linens and snag-free SmartKnit towels, made using knitted technology, rather than a traditional weave. “This means they are snag-free, further aiding longevity and promoting a significant waste reduction, which all contributes to the circular economy,” said Barbara “Crucially, the luxury feel is still there, which is the essence of all BC SoftWear products.

In the coming year, BC SoftWear has plans to increase its SmartSoft sustainable offer to include a full selection of towels, robes and linens. The SmartKnit range will also be expanded to include facecloths, mitts and gym towels, so customers can ensure every one of their towelling products is as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible, helping to protect the planet, one towel at a time.