The opportunities EV charging presents to hotels is endless, we’ve got all the details on eFaraday, the go-to EV charging company for hotels across the UK.

Please introduce us to eFaraday and what the brand strives to achieve.

eFaraday provides EV charging, but not as you know it. Providing installation, monitoring, maintenance and a comprehensive management platform. We provide an easy-to-use, cloud-based management platform that’s powered by iEquos software and eliminates the need for multiple apps and ensures full control and insight into every charge point. This allows us to go above and beyond our competitors, creating bespoke solutions like custom portals, booking systems and revenue options that are tailored to the hotel industry.

Our inCharge service provides the best in class across Europe for uptime and repair response time, with 24/7 monitoring, 365 days a year. Our goal is to have a single charge point offline for no more than 24 hours, which we achieve through software integration, real-person monitoring and engineer response. 

How do your charging points help elevate the overall guest experience?

We help hotels elevate their overall guest experience by ensuring our charge points are kept active by working with them to develop a robust and reliable system ensuring optimum uptime. Our 24-hour engineer response also ensures that no charge point is out-of-order for weeks on end; we get them back up online in a flash. 

Successful EV charge points go so much further than installation. Bespoke management and maintenance should be the most important aspects for hoteliers, as their reputation is paramount for loyalty and repeat customers. 

We also understand that every hotelier is different, as well as each site. Our ability to provide tailored solutions means we can provide guests with a seamless charging experience, so they can enjoy their stay without queuing for charge points. 

Is the installation of your charging points easy?

At eFaraday, we’re all about simplifying what others make complicated. We ditch the jargon and leave out the faff to create a streamlined installation process with a premium service. Our dedicated operations team will ensure the process runs smoothly, on time and on budget, allowing hoteliers to focus on their guests. We provide an amazing post-sales approach that covers how to use the charge points as well as onboarding and training to our management platform.

We also understand the need for minimal disruption to the hotel experience during the installation. Our engineers will ensure public safety measures are in place and are trained in 5* customer service. We can also deliver flexible installation hours to ensure guests are not unnecessarily disturbed. 

How can our readers work with you?

To get started, get in touch with the team. We’ll listen to your needs and work together to create a value-driven partnership that you can rely on.

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