New podcast series from the creators of Travel Market Life gathers industry experts to dissect the latest travel industry trends and news with fun and frivolity.

Following the success of Travel Market Life in 2023 – with its audience growing 220% – the podcast series has added a new Monthly Review Show [Spotify, Apple, Deezer]  format, exploring topical subjects in the travel and hospitality industry, and putting industry experts to the test.

Ryan Haynes, host of the new Travel Market Life Travel Monthly Review Show series produced by Haynes MarComs, said:“Our industry is known for its characters and we want to bring people together in a way that explores key topics across travel and hospitality but in a light-hearted way and allows are experts and their knowledge to shine.” 

Featuring Will Plummer (CEO, Trust My Group), Claire Steiner (UK Director, Global Travel and Tourism Partnership), and James Clarke (General Manager, Travelzoo UK), the first episode addresses the trends that defined 2023, predictions for the year ahead, and the latest consumer travel behaviour reports, before concluding with an entertaining quick-fire quiz round.

In the episode available now on podcast channels including Spotify, Apple and Deezer – Will Plummer, CEO of Trust My Group, said 2023 featured “a lot of buzzwords – ChatGPT, AI, sustainability. But at the very heart, I don’t feel there’s been any meaningful development in terms of the industry…We could be doing better. 2023 was good financially [for travel] but not good in terms of moving forward holistically… I don’t think we’ve put the foundations in place – or are even looking at them – to make meaningful progress.” 

For Claire Steiner, UK Director of Global Travel and Tourism Partnership, 2023 heralded the start of large change in the workplace: “Some is positive, some may be seen as negative, but we need to create workplaces that people want to be at. AI may not have really gone anywhere yet, but it slapped people in the face; it was a big thing. We’re also seeing more companies in travel becoming Bcorps – and that’s a really positive thing, not just from the ethical part of it, but showcasing how seriously our industry is taking sustainability.” 

James Clarke, General Manager, TravelZoo UK predicts more change in 2024, particularly around consolidation in the industry.“There’s a very clear few players in the industry who I think are likely to get bigger – such as easyJet Holidays and Jet2. TUI are falling down with the others eating away at their numbers. Consolidation with operators such as Hays Travel, who are bringing in more retail branches, growing their network and keeping a presence on the High Street, shows promise. Cruise will also be fantastic in 2024” with sea-bound travel making it clear for holidaymakers to know their expenses and tap into the multi-generational travel trend.

The panel also discussed the need for regulatory reform across the travel industry, the impact of inflation on holiday prices, how AI is likely to impact the workplace, and the importance of wellness – both for clients and employees, before delving into recent consumer reports from the likes of and Visit Britain.

Gill Haigh (Managing Director, Cumbria Tourism), joined the conversation to provide a first-hand look at regional tourism in one of the UK’s most visited regions, before the panel discussed the impact of domestic and inbound tourism around the UK.

The new series will broadcast a monthly episode, discussing the rapidly evolving travel and hospitality landscape both in the UK and globally. To listen to the Monthly Review Show series by Travel Market Life, visit, or podcast channels on Spotify, Apple or Deezer.