Warewashing gurus Wexiödisk are delighted to reveal that their intuitive WD-Touch display has now been implemented to their potwasher range.

Having successfully launched this display as a core feature with the WD-BS flight-type model, the impressive WD-Touch control will now become part of the makeup of the WD-90 DUO, WD-90GR and WD-100GR.

David Glover, UK & Ireland Country Manager for Wexiödisk, explains the technology more:

“Serving to simplify daily warewashing tasks, the WD-Touch display guides the user through each and every-step of the warewashing process via easy-to-navigate, touch-screen icons. This includes easy-to-follow cleaning and operating instructions, user manuals and a library of wash programmes dictating which is the most appropriate wash cycle for the type of goods being put through the machine. Once the best programme is selected, the wash time, which equals to contact time, will in clear digits be displayed via the crystal-clear screen.” 

As well as this, the WD-Touch panel also boasts a bold, colour-coded information system which allows the operators to immediately identify the status of the machine and most importantly, any issues. 

Designed with hygiene in mind, the WD-Touch panel can even be operated with gloves, thus reducing the risk of cross-contamination. 

To find out more about the new user Interface or Wexiödisk potwashing range, please contact David.glover@wexiodisk.com or visit www.wexiodisk.com/en