As pioneers in perfecting the guest experience, we caught up with Franke Coffee Systems’ Head of Marketing, Thomas Hall, who talks on the company’s expansion whilst deep diving into the brand and reveals why it’s the perfect partner for overnight stay venues.

Introduce us to Franke and explain how the range is aligned with to hoteliers.

Franke Coffee Systems, a division of the Franke Group, is a technology and solution provider of fully automatic coffee machines for professional coffee-making needs. Our passion for the best coffee quality motivates us to elevate the customer experience through sharing state-of-the-art innovations and profound industry expertise. 

What began in 1911 as a small manufacturer, has developed steadily over the decades. Today, Franke Coffee Systems distributes professional coffee machines all over the world from its headquarters in Switzerland.

Tell us about the range from Franke and where the products can fit seamlessly into a hotel setup.

We help hoteliers to meet the increasing quality demands from customers in terms of quality, consistency, and variety. Our coffee solutions are carefully engineered to showcase the best of Swiss innovation embodied in perfectly designed machines which serve consistently high-quality beverages. We provide equipment that enables guests to enjoy freshly brewed traditional classics and customised specialties at the touch of a button. 

Depending on the size of the venue, the A600 and A800, professional and fully automatic coffee machines with milk systems, are a popular choice. 

For hotels, a cleaning solution that ensures peak performance for every cup served each day, whether 20 or 200, is extremely important. The A600 takes care of this. Its fully automatic CleanMaster module with an integrated cleaning cartridge allows for efficient and intuitive cleaning. The A600 is an exceptional solution for self-service operations.

For larger operations, the A800 is the ultimate multitasker. Designed to efficiently handle up to 250 cups per day, this premium machine offers uncompromising quality, variety, and performance – perfectly tailored to the individual preferences of the customers.

The A line’s customisable modular systems and flexible configurations meet the tastes of all guests. With powerful technology and ease of use, whether attended or self-service, hotels can get better reviews and build a loyal clientele. It also provides iQFlow™– Highest and consistent in-cup quality while offering all types of coffee favourites.

For the changing lifestyle tastes and to meet demands for milk free beverages, our SB1200 offers a selection of lactose-free milk and vegan options free from cross-contamination.

Can you tell us a bit about the ethos of Franke as a company?

The aim has always been to position Franke as an innovative and pioneering manufacturer of fully automatic coffee machines. To this day, our vision is to meet the highest standards of coffee quality and to create unforgettable moments.

We stand for passion in offering the perfect cup of coffee and outstanding hospitality. Franke’s technologies combine the best coffee quality with fully automatic machines to create coffee blends and recipes that can be served at a consistently high quality, every day, in every location.

In 2019 the Swiss Franke Group, with its headquarters in Aarburg, acquired a majority stake in

Dalla Corte S.R. The  Italian company from Milan (Baranzate) produces traditional portafilter espresso machines in the premium segment for private and professional use. The company

was founded by the Dalla Corte family in 2001 and is known for its multi-boiler technology, developed and patented in the same year, which is benchmark for the entire semi-automatic espresso machine sector.

With this strategic partnership, the Franke Group is expanding the brand product range of its Franke

Coffee Systems division with traditional espresso machines. Dalla Corte and Franke complement each other perfectly: they have a complementary product range and both operate in the premium segment.

Benefits a hotel can reap from partnering with Franke:

  • As experienced market players, we can assist our customers to achieve their goals with us. 
  • Extended product portfolio – fully automatic coffee machines for all segments, which means guests can serve themselves. 
  • Franke’s award-winning design means that the machines sit perfectly – increasing your guests’ desire for a hot and aromatic drink, increasing sales.
  • Consistent quality is the key to a happy customer. 
  • We offer unparalleled customer service. Our customer service team is available seven days a week to help you with any issues you may have.
  • Longer machine life span and less waste as milk shoots are guaranteed. 

In your expert opinion, what is the one Franke product a hotel shouldn’t be without and why?

As non-dairy and plant-based milks are now sought-after coffee essentials and the demand for trending coffee beverages that reliably comply with shared principles and practices is

noticeably on the rise, it would be the SB 1200.

It features full modularity, meaning the coffee machine and add-ons are custom made to fit

Including the iced coffee module – opening up a whole new world of beverages, with up to six syrups.

The inclusion of IndividualMilk Technology in our SB1200 represents an outstanding opportunity for our customers. They can capitalise on, and grow within, a new market segment which improves profits by boosting footfall and cultivating customer loyalty.