For the first Treatment Tuesday of 2023, I am delighted to introduce you Nature’s Resonance by ESPA. Inspired by the evolving demand for wellness experiences to counteract fast paced modern life, Nature’s Resonance by ESPA is crafted to re-connect your mind, body and senses to the environment around you through the use of binaural beats, soundscapes and massage patterns.

Created exclusively for One&Only Resorts, the spa experience is built upon two pillars: eco-therapy and vibrational energy. Everything on our planet and in our body works and communicates via vibrations. Inside each human cell, small vibrations take place, which contribute to our physical and emotional state. . External aggressors, such as stress or anxiety, inhibits these vibrational patterns. Likewise, the sound vibrations of music alters the vibrational patterns throughout the body. By tapping into the boundaries of our senses, Nature’s Resonance treatment series invites guests to re-tune their bodies by introducing ’healing hertz,’ a method of influencing vibrational patterns, seeking balance and restoring harmony as found within nature.

Each One&Only location is nestled in different havens of natural beauty, honouring the essence of each serene setting. Nature’s Resonance is tailored for each resort to create a holistic spa experience. A memorable experience per resort is achieved through various touchpoints, including a curated pre-treatment welcome and grounding ritual; a select ESPA Signature Blend for each location; natural affirmation crystal linking to individual chakras; musical influence inspired by the iconic elements of nature surrounding each property; and the post-treatment activities available on each resort including sunrise meditation, forest bathing and Bedouin star gazing.

Harnessing the peace of a serene island hideaway, One&Only Reethi Rah treatments transports guests on a journey that calms and restores the mind, body and spirit. During the grounding ritual, feet are soaked in the soothing ions of warm sea water, balancing chakras through the vibrational hum of Solfeggio tuning forks. Guests are then cocooned in the sounds of crystalline lagoons lapping the shore and hypnotic monsoon rains. Movement patterns across the face and body, mirroring the rhythm and pulse of the music, leave guests feeling rejuvenated.