Clivet presents SPINchiller4: the new air-cooled liquid chiller for outdoor installation, with Multiscroll technology and R32 refrigerant.

 The Italian company Clivet continues its growth and, thanks to the great push given to research and development activities, presents SPINchiller4, the efficient, compact, silent and extremely flexible solution, perfect for contributing to the acquisition of LEED certification and thus increasing the value of the building.

 SPINchiller4 (WSAT-YSC4) the new air-cooled liquid chiller for outdoor installation, with Multiscroll technology and R32 refrigerant, is available in two energy versions Excellence (EXC) and Premium (PRM), with a capacity range from 720 to 939 kW. It stands out for its very high seasonal efficiency, with SEER values of up to 5.28 for the Excellence (EXC) version and up to 5.03 for the Premium (PRM) version.


Low environmental impact solution
The use of R32 refrigerant, with a low GWP (Global Warming Potential = 675), guarantees an environmental impact that is one third compared to traditional R-410A refrigerant (GWP = 2088).

Advanced technology
8 scroll compressors on 2 refrigeration circuits, EC fans with continuous speed regulation (Excellence version), Full aluminum micro-channel coils, are some of the technologies available on SPINchiller4 which offers:

  • Perfectly match the cooling load of the plant in any condition
  • Follow the load also with a great staging
  • Ensure high efficiency values, reducing operating costs
  • Reduce the refrigerant charge by up 30% compared to traditional coils

Low noise operation
The WSAT-YSC4 series offers 3 acoustic levels, without changing the unit dimensions:

  • Standard acoustic configuration (ST): basic version
  • Acoustic configuration with compressor soundproofing (SC): -3 dB (A) compared to ST
  • Super-silenced acoustic configuration (EN): -7 dB (A) compared to ST

Maximum adaptability
Up to 8 regulation capacity steps and wide operating range from +50°C to -18°C of external air temperature, are able to satisfy the requirement of multiple operating conditions.

Plate or shell and tube exchanger
The WSAT-YSC4 series offers the possibility to choose the type of the user side heat exchanger: Plate heat exchanger (standard choice), or Shell and tube heat exchanger.
This new solution is recommended for all applications where the fluid has impurities.

Hydronic assemblies
The hydronic assemblies available in the WSAT-YSC4 series are:

  • 2PM: Hydropack with 2 on/off pumps (parallel operation)
  • 2PMV: Hydropack with 2 inverter pumps (parallel operation)
  • 1P1SB: Hydropack with 1+1 on/off pump (1 pump in stand by)
  • 1P1SBV: Hydropack with 1+1 inverter pump (1 pump in stand by)

Compact Size
The space savings are an increasingly important aspect in the design of the building.
Thanks to the new layout, the WSAT-YSC4 units are among the most compact units on the Market.

Compliant with 2021 requirements
WSAT-YSC4 is compliant with the 2021 requirements of the Commission Regulation 2281:2016, with both energy versions Excellence and Premium.

Perfect for LEED
Both Excellence and Premium versions satisfy prerequisites 2 and 3 of Energy and Environment thematic area. Furthermore, they match the parameters of Credit 4 that allows to achieve 2 points (Leed 2009).


The Product Manager Marco Zannin comments:

 “Clivet offers a wide range of chillers and heat pumps with low environmental impact refrigerants with both scroll and screw technology, designed to guarantee maximum energy efficiency and with the aim of safeguarding the environment.

Within this proposal SPINChiller4, with R32 refrigerant and power up to 940kW, is the market reference for liquid chillers with scroll technology thanks to the very high seasonal efficiency achieved. It is also an important alternative to liquid chillers with inverter screw technology thanks to much lower noise levels and a more competitive positioning.”

Caption SPINchiller4 (WSAT-YSC4) is the 720 to 940kW air-cooled liquid chiller with Multiscroll technology (8 scroll compressors on 2 refrigeration circuits) and R32 refrigerant. Its high seasonal energy efficiency (SEER up to 5.28), quietness guaranteed by the three available acoustic levels, installation flexibility, and compact dimensions make it an ideal solution for all comfort and process applications.

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