With more consumers seeking authenticity and premiumisation from their food products, Panesco has responded to this by launching a range of its finest quality breads – Mini Pizzetta, Pinsa Tradizionale and a Brioche Bagel and buns . 

Starting with its Mini Pizzetta range, these bite-size savoury delights are suitable for any type of catering event – everything from special banquets to everyday lunchtime meals or a snack on the go. Available in three formats and topped with the finest ingredients – Flammkuchen, Spinach Mozzarella and Prosciutto – these premium, authentic products can satisfy all types of cravings.

Also offering authenticity is its brand new Pinsa Tradizionale; a trendy Italian light flatbread made with high-quality ingredients, including a blend of wheat, rice and soy flour and a sourdough starter, enriched with virgin olive oil. This part-baked bread is given a long & gentle kneading process together with a maturation time of 48 hours resulting in its rich taste, and a thin, crispy and deliciously moist pizza base.

Also a must-have menu item for any catering outlet are Panesco’s brand new Gourmet Brioche Buns. The three delicious new varieties of the gourmet brioche bun – plain, sesame mix and black sesame – are smothered in a glaze, resulting in a distinct, ultimate golden shine. Its smooth, buttery taste comes from using only the finest ingredients. 

Thanks to their soft crumb and thin yet non-cracking crust, these breads are distinctive in terms of taste, colour, texture and above all, quality. Available as thaw and serve, these delightful buns, along with its vegan brioche option, are suitable across the menu – from breakfast rolls to lunchtime sandwiches. 

Panesco has tapped into the demand for Brioche Buns and added a new Brioche Bagel to its range. A bagel but with the softness of brioche bread, this well-loved classic is created with high-quality ingredients and is ideal for breakfast or brunchtime trades.