80 Noir Ultra source the best beans from around the world to create a depth of flavour that is creamy, rich, smooth and without bitterness, so that your guests can enjoy all the benefits of cacao without sacrificing on flavour. Here’s how the product range can fit in to your hotel setup.

Introduce us to 80 Noir Ultra and the idea behind the brand.

80Noir Ultra is a multi-award winning dark chocolate company that is designed to revolutionise the way we look after our mental and physical wellbeing. We specialise in a bespoke 80.3% premium dark chocolate without the bitterness, so you receive all the benefits of high percentage cacao without sacrificing on flavour. Made into perfect daily doses, this is the ideal chocolate bar/bead to have on hand when you need a pick me up, or to be soothed to sleep. Its versatility is why it is disrupting the tea and coffee industry. Replace your espresso with a shot of chocolate to boost, awaken and start your day in the best possible way, or add milk and create a soothing, relaxing evening nightcap. The choice is yours.

How can the range from 80 Noir Ultra fit in to the setup of a hotel?

We have created a beautiful range that works specifically for hotels. For guests in the rooms, we have created individually wrapped bars. Just pour hot water or hot milk and you have a delicious, smooth, mind and body boosting drink per guest. Alternatively, if you are in the dining areas, we have so that you have a choice of drinking it or simply eating it.

Tell us about 80 Noir Ultra’s product range.

We have a selection of bars and beads to suit your needs. The range is a bespoke 80.3% dark chocolate. The bars are 13.5g each and made for individual use, whilst the beads can be made for shots, we have them in larger sizes of 100g, 300g and 1kg to suit all needs. We can also do larger wholesale sizes. We are working on an individual sachet of 23g of beads, which will be coming out next year that can also be used in the rooms.

How can the products from 80 Noir Ultra work in line with boosting revenue at an overnight stay venue?

Great question, each bar of chocolate can assist in the overall experience for every guest and their stay creating a calmer, happier environment, which increases chances of increased sales as the happier guests feel, the more they want to emulate the experience back home and therefore purchase in hotel. The bars/beads can also be available for purchase in the café, restaurants or in the hotel. In addition, the chocolate gifts everyone much needed nutrients and mind body benefits, which enhances their overall stay, and increase their desire to repeatedly come back.

How can hotels become a stockist of 80 Noir Ultra products?

You can order direct through us by emailing sales@80noirultra.com. We can help create the ideal order for you and your hotel and ensure they have everything they need to assist in delivering the best experience to their guests. We can also create a workshop to show you several ways to make the drink and create different immersive experiences so the guests get to embrace all that is wonderful about dark chocolate and its power.


Why does hot chocolate fit so well in hotels?

There is a huge increase across the globe around the wellbeing of each guest and in particular to help them get the best night’s sleep so they wake refreshed. With relaxing yoga, pillows and duvets for maximum support, soothing teas etc. and yet the hot chocolate is missed out. Dark chocolate is one of the best ways to help, but only when its premium quality dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains a high amount of magnesium, which can aid in the sleepy feeling, reduce stress levels and anxiety as well as containing tryptophan. Which helps the body make melatonin, and an important factor when regulating sleep cycles. Each hotel would be giving all guests a full 360 immersive experience to improve their mind body and soul and wake up feeling invigorated, revitalised and happy to start their day in the most positive way.