Protein pioneer QuornPro is adding a thick-cut juicy showstopper to menus this year. 

Made from mycoprotein, the delicious new QuornPro Vegan Beef Burger is primed to take centre stage. Grill it, griddle it, slice it, or dice it. Stack it high in epic burgers or toss it in a stir fry with a flourish of toppings, sauces or sides. Whatever you do with it, prepare to make mouths water.

Paul Jennings, Head of Culinary at QuornPro says: “Burgers remain a top menu choice. We developed QuornPro’s new Vegan Beef Burger to help operators meet demand for an incredible tasting, great quality protein that ticks all the boxes. With QuornPro there’s no compromise on taste, nutrition and sustainability.”

QuornPro is driven by the passion of its culinary team to become the protein of choice on menus. Through innovation and dedication, QuornPro works with its partners to inspire bold creative dishes on menus.

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