The recently opened Motel One Manchester-St. Peter’s Square is not only extraordinarily stylish, but also adheres to the principles of sustainability. The company’s respect for people and the planet extends to the cosmetic products used at the establishment. These were developed specifically for the company in collaboration with ADA Cosmetics. 

Motel One Manchester-St. Peter’s Square, which opened its doors in March 2022, has received kudos for its classic British look, affordable prices, and friendly service. Like all of the hotel group’s buildings, including its two sister hotels in Manchester, environmental protection and sustainability are primary themes here as well. In May 2022, the Motel One Group even won the “Sustainability Champion” award for its efforts, achieving the best score of “highly sustainable” in the budget and premium hotel categories.

In keeping with this mindset, the company extends its focus on both sustainability and design even to the hotel bathroom. The Motel One Group has clear ideas in this area, particularly regarding the body care products it offers: these should be beneficial in every respect to both guests and the environment, with optics that clearly bear the stamp of Motel One.

Working closely with ADA Cosmetics, the company developed its Lindenflower handwash and Mint hair & bodywash, both certified with the well-known organic labels Ecocert and Cosmebio. Every detail was tailored to the house style, right down to their fresh, energizing fragrance. The products are presented in attractive, refillable pump dispensers, labelled in the Hotel group’s corporate design. The dispensers are manufactured with the environment in mind, are made of recycled PET, and can therefore be fully recycled again after use.

The fact that Motel One depended upon the experienced hands at ADA Cosmetics to develop its in-house cosmetics line was no accident. ADA Cosmetics is a leader in sustainability and is currently the only Cradle to Cradle Certified® company in the industry. Customers can therefore be confident that their own claims to quality and sustainability – and thus their own reputation – are ensured.

The best indicator for a product’s success, however, is the feedback from guests. This has been consistently positive. Guests rate the overall product presentation as contemporary and well-matched with the décor. The well-known organic labels on these natural cosmetics provide further reassurance. The products are also now available for individual purchase at the hotel reception desk.