For more than 60 years, Molton Brown has been providing luxury fragrances imbued with a conscious care for the world. In this exclusive interview with Steve Clark, Senior Director Retail and Hotel at Molton Brown, we explore how the brand goes further than just providing an iconic fragrance for your guests.


How can Molton Brown elevate a hotel’s amenities?

We work alongside leading hotel partners, leveraging our insights and heritage to provide a luxury, holistic experience for guests. Our iconic collections and stylish design fit with and enhance the offer in any hotel bathroom. More importantly, at Molton Brown our team can help hotel partners enhance their whole offer with a range of services including access to in-store events, VIP gifting, a fragrance butler and staff training.


As sustainability remains at the forefront of the hotel industry, how does Molton Brown work in line with this?

Sustainability has been at the heart of Molton Brown since its foundation and today we have an evolving set of commitments, including being 100% vegetarian and cruelty-free, never testing on animals and using the best natural ingredients. On top of this, all our collections are manufactured in England and the latest collections are also created with 50% RPET.

As a leader in pioneering sustainable solutions for hotel partners for decades, our refill solutions from our signature dispenser or glass bottles to our five-litre refills, and next year, we will further enhance this with the launch of our aluminium tubes for hotels.


Does the Molton Brown amenities range appeal to a range of guests?

Molton Brown is all about sustainably creating original sensorial experiences of the highest quality to empower the individuality of our customers. This means we have a fragrance to suit every guest and hotel setting. With an offer which stretches well beyond bathroom amenities, Molton Brown can create a complete, sustainable, luxury experience for guests with additional services to take their hotel experience to the next level.


How can our readers work with you?

As mentioned, Molton Brown can support hotel partners well beyond our amenities offer. Our iconic collections are supported by a leading refills offer which helps to reduce waste and boost sustainability.

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