With an aim to revolutionise the in-room mini bar offering as well as elevate the guest experience across the board in hotels, we share an exclusive interview with the team at Mixology Express to find out exactly how they plan on doing this through the innovative range of ready-to-drink serves. 

Please introduce us to Mixology Express and explain how your work aligns with overnight stay venues.

Mixology Express is a mother and son’s family owned business, which was inspired by our love of cocktails and the Basque Country.

We have partnered with Tommy’s Fizz cocktails to exclusively distribute their ready-to-serve premium cocktails handcrafted in France. We aim to provide this solution for various types of venues. For hotels in particular, we want to redefine the mini bar experience with our 200ml glass bottle format, enhancing guest experience and providing additional options beyond the conventional mini bar offering.

The Product Range:

We offer our four distinct formats, each suited for different environments.

700ml Bottle – For corporate or private events.

500ml Bottle – For retailers (fine food halls, bottle shops).

10l Keg – For large concert venues and stadiums with the available equipment. 

200ml Bottle – Hotel mini bar. 

We offer an additional bespoke service for customers wanting their very own cocktail or company branding on existing cocktails, providing a unique experience for guests. Tom Albani, our mixologist can also work with restaurant chefs to create unique recipes to pair with specific menus.

Tell us about how the process works for a hotel looking to purchase your products.

Hotels can reach out directly to us in order to place their order. However, we always recommend a tasting and short presentation to showcase our various formats. 

What benefits can a hotel reap from using Mixology Express?

Experience unparalleled quality and consistency with our cocktails, meticulously crafted in France by an award-winning mixologist. Our tried-and-tested recipes ensure a level of excellence that remains consistent with every cocktail served.

Elevate your customer experience with our ready-to-serve cocktails. Designed for efficiency, a single bartender can effortlessly serve between 60 and 90 cocktails per hour, minimising wait times at the bar and enhancing guest satisfaction throughout any event.

For hotel guests, our mini bar formats offer a guarantee of high-quality cocktails that can be self-served directly into a glass with ice. 

In addition, our cocktail solution offers cost savings across three key categories:

Staff: Eliminate the need for additional training, as our cocktails are designed for easy serving, requiring minimal expertise from bar staff. Additionally, fewer personnel are required to operate a cocktail bar, streamlining your staffing needs.

Waste Reduction: Experience a notable reduction in waste due to spillage and overstock, optimising your operational efficiency and contributing to a more sustainable environment.

Inventory Management: Simplify your inventory management by eliminating the necessity for additional spirits, liqueurs, or syrups. Our comprehensive ready-to-serve cocktails provide a hassle-free solution, allowing you to focus on what matters most—providing an exceptional experience for guests. 

What sets Mixology Express apart from other brands on the market?

At Mixology Express, our primary commitment is to deliver a superior ready-to-serve cocktail solution that not only enables our customers to save time and money without comprising on quality. The cornerstone of our distinction lies in our unwavering dedication to using only the finest, locally sourced ingredients in Biarritz, France. 

We are aiming to complement the current ready-to-serve cocktail offering in the B2B environment with our versatile size format portfolio to suit every setting and events.

Brand preview at the Member’s Club Four Seasons Ten Trinity Square

As members of the Club, we had the privilege of featuring our brand to an intimate group at a members event at the Members Club at Ten Trinity Square, followed by a tasting session. We have chosen to host our first event at the Club as it is the perfect setting for a high-end and exclusive evening. We are pleased to say it was a successful introduction of our cocktails to our premium target customers.

Mixology Express will be present at the IFC/HRC and are looking forward to meeting key people across the hospitality industry and showcase our products.