With an entire stand (684) dedicated to showcasing the award-winning HyGenikx Air and Surface Sanitiser System, Mechline Developments have made it their mission to educate exhibition visitors as to how to create and maintain clean air environments—and improve hospitality hygiene—throughout their estate: from the kitchen and washrooms right through to reception and serving areas. This can be achieved by installing multiple HyGenikx systems throughout the various areas of a hotel. Operators have also reported the positive benefit that HyGenikx systems have had to staff absenteeism – with healthy fast food operator Kauai even stating that they had no reported illnesses during the pandemic. What’s more, HyGenikx systems can be used to extend shelf-life of fresh food life and control odours. Nick Falco, Product and Technical Director at Mechline Developments, goes on to detail how the system functions further:

“HyGenikx Air and Surface Sanitisation Systems are proven to remove up to 99.99% of airborne viruses* and unwanted bacteria, microbes and pathogens from the air and surfaces making it an ideal solution for a wide a range of hotel applications including communal areas, kitchen and food preparation areas, toilets, changing rooms as well as refuse/bin stores. 

HyGenikx even kills Escherichia coli (E. coli), Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus), Clostridium difficile (C. difficile), Aspergillus fumigatus, and other primary sources of infections. It has also been proven to eliminate harmful bacteria Listeria, and airborne viruses—including coronavirus.

With this fuss-free, plug-in system, hoteliers can have confidence in the cleanliness of their operation when turning to HyGenikx.”

HyGenikx has already helped many hotels and other foodservice spaces create and maintain clean air environments. For example, the Inn Collection Group introduced 25 HyGenikx units in total to their kitchens in order to provide clean air for food preparation, whilst helping protect the welfare of our staff and guests.**

Likewise, Tracey Robinson, General Manager at Broadoaks Country House, also turned to HyGenikx after learning of its use at another hotel: 

Our chef actually stayed at another hotel that had HyGenikx and thought it could work for us too! The hotel promoted the fact that HyGenikx was installed, and its hygiene benefits, which was really encouraging. We were looking for something to assure our own guests that we, at Broadoaks, have all the precautions in place to minimise the spread of coronavirus and this product seemed the perfect addition. When I learnt about the odour control benefits too, I decided to trial HyGenikx in our downstairs staff kitchen— and I wasn’t disappointed.

With HyGenikx installed, it is astonishing! Instead of food odours, the room smells fresh all of the time. It is a lot more pleasant for staff and it is also a great reassurance for me, knowing that HyGenikx is working as it should, creating a safer environment!”***

In other news, Mechline Developments are also excited to have been nominated for the Hotel & Resort Innovation Expo Sustainability Awards. All nominated companies have “demonstrated products and systems that promise to revolutionise hotel sustainability through incredible innovation, development and industry-shaking solutions.” Mechline is proud to be nominated and look forward to sharing their range of HyGenikx at the show.

To find out more about Hotel & Resort Innovation Expo, visit https://www.hotelinnovationexpo.co.uk/

To find out more about the Hotel & Resort Innovation Expo Awards, visit: https://www.hotelinnovationexpo.co.uk/awards/

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