The Independent Hotel Show (IHS) in Amsterdam will be an event to remember for the hotel industry, as ADA Cosmetics reveals a host of game-changing new initiatives at stand B10. The company continues to live up to its promise of “Surprising, Sustainable and Safe” with the premiere of a new customisation tool, must-have brands inspired by nature, and a patented mono-material hygiene pump.

Introducing ADA Atelier – a unique new customisation tool for hotel amenities 

Hoteliers are invited to bring their creative vision to life, and develop customised hotel amenities, with ADA Atelier. This innovative and easy-to-use tool enables the configuration of a bespoke cosmetics line to perfectly complement a hotel’s brand identity.


The process begins with the selection of signature fragrance for the collection. Next, ADA Atelier offers the choice of three world-leading dispenser systems, each in vibrant, personalised colours, while a customised label completes the unique end result.


A wide range of products, from shampoo and conditioner to body lotion, are part of the new ADA Atelier service. All are developed according to the highest sustainability standards, with ADA Cosmetics being the only company in the hotel amenities industry whose entire product portfolio is Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver.


Wellness inspired by water: reveal of new Hydro Touch collection 

ADA Cosmetics’ new Hydro Touch amenities line will be unveiled at the event. A relaunch of the company’s bestselling Hydro Basics brand with a refreshed aesthetic and new logo, Hydro Touch is a rejuvenating wellness collection that takes hotel guests on a sensory journey to the ocean.


Natural aquatic ingredients including sea minerals and algae extracts ensure the Hydro Touch formulas are both highly effective and extremely gentle. The brand’s deeply hydrating Hand and Body Lotion is scientifically proven to moisturise skin for 24 hours. It is the only product of its kind in the hotel cosmetics sector that can boast this attribute.


Hydro Touch is offered with a choice of ADA Cosmetics’ bestselling dispenser solutions, each in a contemporary ocean-inspired design.

100% hygiene meets world-class sustainability in latest dispenser innovation

Hygiene consistently ranks as a top priority in hotel bathrooms, holding significant importance in the guest journey. Pump dispensers are preferred by many hoteliers, but many models currently on the market pose a proven safety risk due to bacterial contamination via the pump head.


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