In the opinion of EmmieB, Owner of EmmieBMarketing, a social media marketing consultancy and a UGC Content Creator, hotels are missing opportunities by not communicating effectively with their content partners and rushing collaborations. In this insightful piece, Emmie shares a guide on how to successfully harness user-driven content, sharing invaluable tips she has learned along the way.

Are your guests in “dreaming” or “booking” mode?  Either way User Generated Content (UGC) will be there piquing their interest or helping them decide whether or not your hotel experience is really for them.

If your hotel is not harnessing the power of UGC you could be missing out. From big influencer campaigns to guests sharing their experiences there are many opportunities to utilise this trusted “word of mouth” style marketing.

Let’s be clear; there are different types of UGC and choosing what is right for you is the first step to succeeding.

Influencer – often the content will feature the ‘influencer’, it is less likely to be in your brand style but it will be good quality and is ideal for brand awareness and sales conversions.

UGC Content Creator – created specifically for you to promote your business, this type of content will be high-quality but will also offer an insight into the guest experience you might not have thought of.  This is ideal if you find it hard to keep up with posting interesting and engaging content on your socials.

The General Public – this will often be lower quality but is ultimately viewed as the most trustworthy and should not be overlooked.  Creating prompts, ‘Instagrammable’ situations, rewards and incentives to post can increase the quality and frequency of this UGC being shared.

When working with Influencers and UGC Content Creators, communication and collaboration is vital.  They want the campaign to work as much as you do so agree on the goals and deliverables beforehand and work cohesively to get the best results.

Before The Stay

  1. What are your marketing goals? Work our whether you want to increase brand awareness, make more sales or improve the content on your own social media pages.
  2. Choose who you work with based on what you want to achieve. Look at the quality and style of their content before agreeing on a collaboration.
  3. Decide if you would like your chosen collaborative partner to ‘create magic moments’ or report on the stay as they find it.
  4. Look at your bank of content, decide if anything is missing and then you can ask for specifics. Do you need drone shots or family pictures to show off the family rooms?

During The Stay

  1. Give them time! Under 24 hours (1 night) is difficult to set up and film scenarios with unpredictable weather and lighting. It is more cost-effective and will give you better ROI to have one content creator to stay for two nights with a longer list of content deliverables.
  2. Show the content creator around and them the hotel’s story to provide some background. Offer extra services, experiences and access to facilities so they can get the full picture. Show off a bit, they want to show you off!

After The Stay

  1. Collaboration posts – ensure you tell creators you’d like them to co-author. These will appear on the content creator’s and your page. These are great if they suit the aesthetic of your profile as they will leverage both audience and increase your reach (brand awareness). Be sure to agree when these will go live to avoid posting conflict.
  2. Negotiate multiple posts in different formats as part of the agreement to maximise the ROI.
  3. Be sure to get the content sent back to you so you can repurpose it at a later date to save time and money in the long run.

EmmieB has worked with global hotel chains to independent hotels on creative, impactful campaigns follow @emmiebmarketing and @emmiebhungry or contact to discuss further how UGC could benefit your hotel.