Renowned for manufacturing some of the highest quality commercial induction units on the market, Austrian manufacturer, HWM, is not shy when it comes to innovation. Now, thanks to clever engineering and intuitive design, the company has launched the I-Stockpot – a freestanding induction hob which is designed to handle pans up to 70 litres.

Supplied in the UK by CuisinEquip, the HWM range is known for quality, efficiency and design the world over. Remaining a family-run business to this day, HWM equipment is produced in the company’s Vorarlberg facility using state-of-the-art Swiss technology. Delivering precision and control, HWM equipment uses the very best components including high-quality stainless steel outer casings, square, round or multi-functional copper coils and several different power outputs to suit bespoke requirements.

The I-Stockpot features a powerful 8.5kW induction hob and a simple-to-operate, single-dial controller. A robust 6mm Ceran® glass-ceramic hob combines the aesthetics of glass with the extreme heat resistance and stability of ceramic material. This enables the unit to heat pans with a diameter of up to 46cm and a capacity of up to 70 litres. Using a three-phase connection, the high-powered unit and innovative technology features a single large zone cooking area which can detect the presence of a pan, while also offering accurate central pot and temperature monitoring.

Positioned at a height of 500mm and with dimensions of 480mm x 480mm (WxD), the unit will not only fit effortlessly into an existing kitchen but also helps to maintain safety by eliminating the need to lift heavy and hot pans within a busy kitchen environment. For added convenience, optional castors aid flexibility, while a rear pot guard further supports safe operation.

On the introduction of the HWM I-Stockpot, Steve Elliott, Sales Director at CuisinEquip explains:

“In today’s age of ever-increasing overheads, operators are looking at ways in which they can reduce the energy consumption in their kitchen. The use of induction technology is not something that is new to our industry and for many chefs, its use has not only saved ongoing costs, but also helped generate a better working environment for their brigade. Induction has traditionally had its limitations though – especially when cooking large quantities of foods. The HWM I-Stockpot has been designed specifically for batch cooking in pans up to 70 litres. Using high-powered coils and the latest induction technology, the I-Stockpot is ideal for those sites making their own stock, soups and sauces on a large scale. What’s more, the very nature of induction technology eliminates open flames, helping to support safety in a kitchen, particularly when in use for the 24-48 hours it takes to produce the very best stocks.”

The HWM I-Stockpot also features a removable grease filter to aid in cleaning and to help to keep the unit in optimum working order.

For more information on the HWM I-Stockpot or for any of the other appliances in the portfolio, please visit or call +44 (0) 118 957 1344.