Trevor Burke, Managing Director at Exclusive Ranges, below reveals the importance of using the correct equipment in a hotel kitchen.

We’ve seen an increase in the acceptability of equipment that uses the latest technology in the commercial kitchen, with little or no resistance from chefs, as it can enhance an operation; working practices can be improved and the motivation of chefs can be increased when they have the latest kit to work with or when the environment is a better place to work in.

Modern equipment that can perform multiple tasks, such as induction, multifunctional pans and pressure cooking equipment, as well as high quality ventilation will all contribute to a better environment.  To attract the right quality and quantity of staff, having an up to date, cool, clean, safe kitchen environment is essential.

In my opinion, there are two must-have items of equipment in a commercial kitchen.  One is an induction hob.  They give off less heat, are easier to clean (and keep clean) meaning less portering time and a much simplified cleaning regime.  There’s no pre-heat up time either, which allows staff to start shifts when they are needed.

We are also seeing recognition by caterers across all sectors of the industry, not just high end hotels, that an investment in induction is an essential investment in their business.  As the market for induction develops, chefs are becoming more knowledgeable about the different types of induction available and the solutions each can bring.  They now have a better understanding of the various quality levels that are available too, as they did with more conventional equipment before it.  Induction is now widely available in foodservice and is creating new operational habits in the kitchen as chefs trust in the performance and reliability, and they learn how to make the most of it.

The second must-have item is a multi-functional pan.  These can be programmed and set to perform accurately and consistently without full supervision and even enable overnight cooking at low temperatures, saving money.  When purchasing, operators should concentrate on identifying equipment like this, that can perform multiple tasks.  This will mean buying fewer, higher quality items of equipment and can mean less extraction too.  This will assist with the trickledown effect of having less staff and using less energy.  Exclusive Ranges newest partnership is with JIPA International, manufacturer of multi-function JIPA JUMP free-standing bratt pans and pressure pans.

The start of this new, exclusive collaboration gives chefs that cater in higher volume operations access to these high quality, multi-functioning devices for the first time.

JIPA’s unique JUMP range boasts fully automatic or manual modes, colour touch screen technology, the ability to save your own cooking programmes, accurate temperature control from 30-250°C and, in the case of the JIPA Jump 101P, true pressure cooking at 0.48bar with reinforced pan structure to withstand cooking under pressure, automatic reduction of excess pressure/steam condensation and condensate disposal.