Elevate your hotel spaces and create memorable moments with specialised floral arrangements by FLOWERBX. We explore the brand’s expertise and ability to create bespoke arrangements, sustainably that are suitable for any occasion.

We’re FLOWERBX, a floral, plant and design company focussed on delivering life beautifully, whilst minimising our impact on the environment. We are unique in that we have split operations that focus on a direct to consumer offering through our website (FlowerBx.com) as well as a bespoke offering for partners in hospitality. Our bespoke services span across regular weekly contracts as well as one off events and special installations.

FLOWERBX only sources in keeping with floral seasons, all of our deliveries are made in electric vehicles, all of our waste is composted and we don’t use single use plastics in any of our packaging. We have a unique visual style – it’s classic and timeless, predominantly focusing on single variety arrangements, that allows the beauty of the flower, to speak for itself.

Flowers and plants in hotels are a key differentiator in adding the special touch that all hoteliers are looking for to wow their guests. We’re finding that many hoteliers are opting for a floral install to be the first thing that guests see when they arrive. Something as simple as a beautifully-arranged bouquet of freshly in-season peonies or hydrangeas can be enough to put a smile on a guest’s face. The smell of some freshly-cut roses is an unmistakable scent that can conjure old and create new memories for those that smell it, and is often the perfect start to someone’s stay at a venue.

Flowers are also able to be used as the link to special seasonal moments and events. There are the more obvious use cases of Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and the festive period. However FLOWERBX has designed floral installations for Wimbledon, the US Open, Pride, Halloween and many others. There is barely a month in the year that doesn’t have a special moment that can be accentuated with a floral arrangement, and we are blessed with new seasons of flowers to partner those.

Whilst we have our own “house style”, we are happy to take creative direction from clients and can adapt our aesthetic to work in a variety of scenarios and styles. We have experience building the mechanics needed for flower facades on the face of listed buildings in London, or flowers adorning the ceilings of palaces. We are equally adept at creating beautiful moments in a smaller, intimate setting.

We are available on business@flowerbx.com and would be delighted to come and meet in person.