Unveiling industry secrets and strategies for mastering revenue management

Lighthouse (formerly OTA Insight), the global leader in cloud-based market intelligence for travel & hospitality today announced the debut of its inaugural podcast, “The Spotlight.” Created by and for travel and hospitality professionals, this unique series is set to become the go-to-resource for industry professionals keen on mastering the art of revenue management.

Hosted by Daniel Foreman, Commercial Strategist at Lighthouse, “The Spotlight” begins with its first season titled, “The Art of the Sellout.” Season One features  insightful discussions with seasoned professionals and experts from leading companies such as Schulte Hospitality Group, Pacifica Hotels and Topline Revenue Management. This opening season promises to unravel the complexities of attaining 100% occupancy, without leaving it to chance.

Through engaging conversations and examples from the field, “The Spotlight” aims to empower listeners with the knowledge to anticipate market shifts with precision, leveraging Lighthouse’s cutting-edge tools and data insights.

“It’s not just about filling rooms; it’s about crafting a strategic edge that sustains your property’s success over time,” says Daniel Foreman, Commercial Strategist at Lighthouse. “The Spotlight is more than a rehashing of the latest data points, it’s about building a framework for how to better analyze your data, and having fun with it, while also learning from the best in the industry.”

“For the revenue management initiated, executing the perfect sellout is the difference between Toyota and Lexus. The final results may both say 100% occupancy, but it’s the path to the fill that makes all the difference in profitability. If you’re the kind that sleep-talks about RevPAR, you need to listen to this!” Said podcast guest, Connor Vanderholm, Founder and CEO of Topline Revenue Management.

Podcast highlights:

  1. Innovative format: Each episode of “The Spotlight” delves deep into key elements essential for a sell-out, facilitated by a range of experts.
  2. Guest appearances: The show features influential personalities and revenue leaders from the industry, who demonstrate real-world applications.
  3. Engaging content: With a blend of humor and enlightening “aha” moments, the podcast is set to inspire creativity and thought leadership within the community.

“The Spotlight” is available on major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and at: mylighthouse.com/podcast. Listeners can look forward to a journey that combines entertainment with education, making complex revenue management strategies digestible.

Join Lighthouse as we step into “The Spotlight” and illuminate the path to mastering the art of the sellout, together.

For more information and to subscribe, visit www.mylighthouse.com/podcast.