In an exclusive interview with David Begg, founder of THE REAL Drinks Co., we find out about elevating your food and beverage experiences by introducing a premium, non-alcoholic range.

Please introduce the brand and what it strives to achieve.

The REAL Drinks Co. exists so that everyone can live life, unconstrained, whether they’re drinking or not. As a brand we deliver the flavour and complexity of a fine wine, without the alcohol. We are experts in fermentation, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. We apply authentic winemaking techniques to the finest loose-leaf teas, to create complex alcohol-free Sparklings, naturally.


With the low and no category rising, please can you tell us about your non-alcoholic range and the benefits it provides to guests? 

We produce a range of non-alcoholic Sparkling Teas. We take exquisite, high-quality loose-leaf teas, and ferment them for 4-6 weeks in a process very similar to the fermentation of Sparkling Wines. The result is a wonderfully rich, delicate alternative to Champagne or Sparkling Wine. We currently serve three different styles, each with very distinctive characteristics: our Royal Flush is clean and delicate, with notes of rhubarb and peach. Our Dry Dragon is dry and tannic, with notes of citrus. Our Peony Blush is a wonderfully fruity rosé and has notes of strawberry and nougat.


To elevate the food experience, venues are introducing sommeliers to pair wines to

compliment different dishes. How do your drinks work in line with this?

Many of the top sommeliers in the country choose REAL Sparkling Teas as they believe that our drinks are the only non-alcoholic alternative that pairs well with food. We have developed our drinks specifically with this in mind. Our Royal Flush, for example, pairs exceptionally well with charcuterie as an apéritif, or with white fish, white meat and cream sauces. Our Dry Dragon sits well alongside shellfish, summer salads and fruits.


What gives The REAL Drinks Co. a competitive edge against other non-alcoholic ranges?

The challenge with non-alcoholic wines is that as you industrially extract the alcohol it also removes most of the delicate aromas. Our process is naturally non-alcoholic, so all of the wonderful delicate flavour compounds that are created in fermentation remain just as they were produced. Nothing added, nothing taken away. We simply filter and bottle straight from the tank.


How can our readers work with you?

We work with leading wholesalers across the country to supply the best hotels and restaurants. We also work closely with our customers to train their staff, develop menu wording, and plan activations. We recognise that we are developing an entirely new category of drinks that requires education, both for our customers and their consumers.

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