Delving into festive hospitality trends with Nick Smith, Vice President of Food & Beverage at Shangri-La.

As winter unfolds, a transformation begins in the hospitality industry, marked by the arrival of Christmas trees in hotel lobbies worldwide. These trees are more than festive symbols; they represent a global trend of integrating local culture into holiday celebrations. At Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, this trend is embraced with unique flair. Nick Smith, Vice President of Food & Beverage at Shangri-La, explains, “The arrival of the Christmas trees at our properties is more than a tradition; it’s the beginning of a festive narrative, weaving together global trends and local cultures.”

These trees are not mere decorations; they are storytellers, draped with ornaments that reflect both the local culture and universal festive spirit. They invite guests into a world where tradition meets innovation. “Each tree tells a story, a story that is unique to its location yet universally appealing,” adds Smith. “Reflecting the latest trends, this year’s trees might be sparsely decorated, emphasizing this year’s ‘less is more’ approach. Look out for tree collars instead of more traditional skirts, and trees dressed in ethereal blues and silvers, or blush pink and gold, to create a modern twist on the more traditional red and green festive colours. There’s also an element of a Barbie-esque nod to the ‘Pretty in Pink’ blockbuster earlier this year, though with an overarching serene aesthetic that swaps out the ornate in favour of natural elements,” he continues.