In March 2023 Journey Hospitality announced the acquisition of Premier Software as part of the hotel technology company’s £5m growth capital investment. We recently caught up with Laura Meeson, Director of Spa at Premier Software, to see what lies ahead for the market-leading spa, leisure and wellness management software business.

How has the recent acquisition by Journey benefited Premier Software?

Joining the Journey family has allowed us to accelerate the development of our software. We are excited to announce the upcoming Premier 2.0, this new release will redefine how spa teams work forever. Premier 2.0 will be hosted on the Cloud, ensuring faster performance and easier access for our clients.

What sets Premier Software apart from other spa management software providers?

Premier Software has been a key player in the spa management software industry for 30 years. Our 450+ customer base provides valuable feedback and insights that help us continuously enhance our software. Our team is passionate about wellness and constantly strives to improve the solutions we offer.

What trends have you observed in the spa industry over the past year?

We’re seeing a real focus on social prescribing, and preventative healthcare. Promoting overall well-being and connecting people through activities and experiences that contribute to their mental, emotional, and physical health. We’re also seeing a drive for the improvement of inclusivity by hotels and spas. This means creating a more diverse and inclusive atmosphere that welcomes and accommodates individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, and identities. Our onejourney data has shown that 30% of hotel and spa bookings take place between 8pm – 8am, demonstrating the need for spas to provide an online booking platform which enables guests to book treatments and packages outside of spa opening hours.

Can you share some tips as to how spas can extend their luxury guest experience online?

To showcase the luxurious ambiance of your spa, it’s crucial to design a visually attractive website using high quality images. Opt for images that your guests can connect with and feel that they belong to the spa environment. A website that is user-friendly with a hassle-free booking system is essential to allow your guests to choose their preferred treatments, therapists, and available time slots with ease. You can also extend the luxury spa experience by providing high-quality spa products for online purchase. Premier Software integrates seamlessly with onejourney, to give the best guest-facing spa booking platform on the market.

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