Girbau is a leader in the installation and maintenance of laundries in the UK and works with many leading hoteliers. Each design is tailored to the individual site and includes all the elements for best practice, high-productivity and high-quality laundry handling and processing.

 “With the cost of living crisis affecting every part of the economy, rising energy bills have hit laundry operations hard,” said Peter Rankin, Managing Director of Girbau UK. “As hotels look to control costs without sacrificing quality, there has never been a better time to look at setting up an in-house laundry for your hospitality business.”

The company advises on all aspects of laundry design including site surveys, laundry layout, full M&E CAD drawings and equipment specification to meet capacity needs.

Girbau’s new GS7 Genius washers feature a host of energy saving innovations that lower hotel laundry operating costs and improve sustainability. 

The washer’s Care Plus Drum extends linen life and increases productivity by decreasing tangling. The drum perforations also provide faster dispersion of water. An optional integral weighing system measures every load and adjusts programs to optimise cycle time, lower water and chemical usage and improve laundry productivity.

With sustained high spin speeds and a 450G extraction force (the highest available), Genius washers reduce drying time by at least 10% and drying energy consumption by up to 30%. The washers themselves also reduce energy consumption by up to 15%. Girbau’s tests on the Genius GS7018 found that it used 2.5 kWh for a full 18kg load cycle, compared to 3.5kWh for a comparable washer. For a typical machine completing eight cycles per day, that’s a saving of £1,460 a year, based on an electricity price of 50p per kWh.

Six models are available with capacities from 9 to 32kg. All come with Girbau’s Sapphire cloud-based management system that allows users to monitor, manage and configure a laundry, giving control for energy-efficient operation.

Data is stored and processed in the cloud, making it is easy to view activity reports. You can quickly check machine status and alarms as well as analysing data trends to spot how operational efficiency can be improved.

The software also has a smart-alerts system that sends an SMS text or email when there is any irregularity in how machines are working. Problems are solved effectively, while providing information and data to inform future operational decisions.

Metrics that you can use to analyse your laundry operation include production by weight in kg over an up to 30-day period. 

Girbau offers a full range of both commercial and industrial laundry equipment, making it the perfect laundry partner for hospitality businesses of every size. Girbau’s washers, dryers and ironers ensure you have the right equipment for a truly professional finish. This energy efficient, high productivity, robust and reliable laundry equipment is ideal for the ultimate in-house laundry operation.

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