The respected hotel group moved from 5th to 1st place in Brand Competition analysis according to Shiji ReviewPro’s dashboard of guest feedback management.

Shiji, the global hospitality technology innovator, analyzed thousands of guest reviews and found that Kempinski Hotels moved to first place in the Brand Competition analysis in 2023.  Despite the challenges posed by the hospitality recovery period, Kempinski Hotels, the world’s oldest luxury hotel group with 83 properties worldwide, has demonstrated unwavering dedication to elevating guest experiences. Kempinski Hotels invested significant effort into leveraging Shiji ReviewPro’s Brand Competition feature to analyze guest feedback data and make data-driven guest experience decisions.

“Kempinski Hotels’ commitment to innovation and guest-centricity is remarkable. Leveraging analytics and data, Kempinski has not only elevated its guest experience but also set a new benchmark for excellence in luxury hospitality,” said Kevin King, CEO at Shiji International.

Kempinski Hotels motivates its teams to uphold high standards. Leveraging Brand Competition data and the analysis of regional rankings as well as comparing semantic trends with competitors has contributed to identify their strengths and weaknesses. It enabled targeted improvements in regions where competitors lag. By monitoring their Global Review Index (GRI) against competing brands around the globe, and agilely executing on improvement opportunities, the luxurious hotel group observed consistent quality growth, rising from 5th to 1st place among direct competitors. This follows their successful implementation of Concilio Labs and Shiji ReviewPro’s guest intelligence technology to better understand guest preferences, and operationally to be able to cater more effectively to individual guest needs and preferences.

“Harnessing the power of data driven insights is a strategic cornerstone in supporting our operations teams as they continue to provide impeccable guest experiences,” said Riko van Santen, Chief Information Officer Kempinski Hotels and Member of the Management Board.

The dedication and commitment of  Kempinski Hotels’ operations team to achieve these goals is truly remarkable, and the results of their efforts are visible in the data. By embracing technological innovation Kempinski Hotels have distinguished themselves in the industry, solidifying their position as a global luxury leader. As a consequence, Kempinski Hotels will roll out Shiji ReviewPro’s guest messaging solution across additional hotels. This rollout comes as a result of successfully conducting cross-regional pilots and thorough testing, demonstrating the hotel group’s commitment to enhancing guest experiences by leveraging cutting-edge technology.

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