Allow us to introduce the Founder of Palm PR, Emily Keogh, our esteemed judge for the Marketing Innovation Award at the Hotel Magazine Awards, renowned for her exceptional expertise and visionary contributions to the hospitality industry’s marketing landscape.

How are you feeling ahead of the Hotel Magazine Awards judging day? 

Excited! I think this is a brilliant platform to shine a light on the incredible work and talent happening in the hotel and hospitality industry.

With it being such a fast-paced and full on sector, the awards are a fantastic opportunity to take a moment to reflect and celebrate the talent and achievements of the wonderful people in the hospitality community.

Can you tell us about your approach to evaluating competitors?

Each award is so different, but on the whole I’ll be looking for fresh and emerging talent, industry innovation and disruption, as well as deserving long-term hotel icons who are approaching marketing strategies in unique ways.

What attracted you to participate as a judge for The Hotel Magazine Awards?

I launched Palm PR 14 years ago and have been part of the industry much longer, so I’m always keen to be part of projects that celebrate the hospitality and travel sector and the brilliant people and brands that help make guest experience great.

What do you hope to achieve through your role as a judge?

It’s a privilege to take the space as a judge at the HMAs to recognise and celebrate excellence within our industry.

I’m bringing my 20+ years of experience to the role and want to judge awards with integrity, taking the time to allow every entry to be considered in a meaningful and fair way.

Ultimately, it’s about recognising great work.  The awards will allow entrants to shout about their brilliant accomplishments, both in the industry and also to their guests, which should further support their businesses.

What qualities do you look for in award nominees?

As I’m from a communications background, I’m naturally drawn to clever campaigns and talent that has a strong story to tell. Of course, underpinning this with meaningful facts and figures to showcase results is key.

Travel and hospitality is all about creating interaction and experiences so the ability to share these moments is a crucial part of success.