JM Posner, specialists in dessert equipment, accessories, and ingredients, has introduced a new range of premium chocolate with their new Blanxart Professional Chocolate range.

Founded in 1954, Blanxart offers a uniquely crafted range of chocolate that promises to meet the needs of even the most seasoned artisan. With tradition and modernity at the heart of the range, the selection is suitable for any workshop – whether that’s small batch artisan chocolates, or larger scale operations looking to ensure high-quality consistency throughout their offering.

Tim Hills, Operations Director at JM Posner, is excited about the opportunities the new additions present;
“As a nation of chocoholics, a high-quality, reliable chocolate is one of the most important weapons in an operators’ arsenal. That’s exactly what the Blanxart Professional Chocolate selection offers. This range is incredibly versatile so it’s ideal for practically anything chocolate, but especially for those looking to set themselves apart from the competition in terms of quality.”

The new line-up includes dark, milk, and white chocolate, to cater to a wide range of tastes. Blanxart’s expertise is reflected by their in-depth understanding of their products including

cocoa percentage, fat percentage, fluidity ratings, flavour palette information, and recommendations on how best to use the particular chocolate. For example, Blanxart Sants Milk Chocolate (34% cocoa) is characterised by its intense milky profile, with hints of caramel, subtly complemented by a soft touch of cocoa. The combination of these flavours and its delicate creaminess give this chocolate a unique taste for versatile applications. It is best used to add flavour to dishes, or can be used for moulding, coating, or artistic creations.

With an ambient shelf life of 12-18 months depending on the particular type of chocolate, operators will have plenty of time to experiment with the range to create premium offerings.

For more information on the Blanxart Professional Chocolate range, please visit or call 01923 220805.