As environmentally conscious guests ask for more sustainable, vegan friendly amenities in their hotel rooms, it’s clear the days of wasteful single use plastic are coming to an end. No longer are the little rows of plastic bottles, neatly replaced every day perceived as an intrinsic part of a luxury stay. Many guests are now much more environmentally conscious and appreciate the sustainable reasoning for providing full-sized bathroom amenities which can be refilled time and time again.

“There has been a rapid change in the mindset and commitment of hoteliers, especially as we have moved out of the lockdowns of the pandemic” says Nigel Brooks, creative director of Bath House. “The search for sustainable alternatives for bathing and bodycare products is something no longer confined to the smaller independents and boutique hotels; larger hotel groups are also acknowledging the needs of their customers as well as the benefits for the planet and are prepared to consider a new way of thinking, moving away from hotel miniatures and single-use plastic amenities in their rooms and public areas and they are really interested in what we are doing at Bath House.”

Celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year, Bath House relaunched its collection of sustainable hospitality toiletries in 2021, offering a stunning comprehensive collection of skin-friendly natural products, presented full size plastic-free bottles – mostly aluminium, with some in pharmaceutical-grade glass, both of which can easily be refilled. The products are all made at their making rooms in the village of Dent, Cumbria. Bath House uses exactly the same tried and trusted scents and formulations which they sell to a growing customer base at their luxury boutique stores in the Lake District, York and Knutsford. Scented with refreshing Bamboo & Jasmine and sensual Patchouli & Black Pepper, all of their hotel products are made from scratch using natural, eco-certified ingredients which are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

The use of hotel miniatures and single-use plastics is something which is a cumulative problem, creating vast amounts of plastic waste across the globe every year.  Nigel Brooks explains, “For all concerned these miniature bottles are now conveniences of the past, they have no place in today’s society since the plastic they are made with really is not sustainable, even when recycled the plastic ultimately ends up in landfill. There are now practical alternatives which would really make a difference. It took some thought to create the new hospitality collection”, he says “we made a decision to get rid of all the plastic bottles we had been using, it was a case of adapting, perhaps making some compromises but there have been many positive outcomes for our business. The support from the public and hoteliers for the changes we have made has been remarkable”.

As hoteliers and owners of hospitality venues extend their search for products which have a genuine provenance, they are choosing to furnish and supply their establishments, seeking smaller independent niche British makers like Bath House; businesses and brands who challenge the wasteful practices of the past, providing long term sustainable products and practices throughout their business.

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