From cupcakes to freakshakes and doughnuts to macaroons, the sweet treats category has experienced an overhaul in recent years, as brands and operators recognise the value of customisation and the consumer desire for a product ‘Glow Up’. 

According to the UK’s leading expert in sweet pastry market trends, Schulstad Bakery Solutions, the time has come to bring about the ‘Glow Up’ of the Danish Pastry. Boasting 24 layers authentic of crisp, flaky pastry, the Danish Pastry has long been a staple to accompany a hot drink, as a sweet treat or even brunch occasions. Using the latest consumer research Schulstad Bakery Solutions is taking the ‘Glow Up’ trend as an opportunity to encourage operators to upgrade their sweet pastry offering by getting creative with their Danish Pastries; by offering customised, dessert inspired pastry toppings.

Samantha Winsor, Marketing Manager for Lantmännen Unibake comments: “For consumers, quality is key, especially when it comes to long-standing heritage items like the much-loved Danish Pastry, with 76% of consumers tempted to buy a sweet topped Danish Pastry and 79% willing to pay more for one[1]. This proves there is an exciting opportunity for outlets to not only have some fun with these traditional products, but more importantly drive sales and subsequent profit in the current challenging economic climate.”

 To help shape the ‘Glow Up’ of the Danish Pastry, Schulstad Bakery Solutions took to the polls to ask consumers what would encourage them to purchase a sweet, indulgently topped Danish Pastry, focusing on its top three best-sellers, Maple Pecan Plait, Cinnamon Swirl and Vanilla Crème Crown. 


·       According to consumers Schulstad Bakery Solutions’ Cinnamon Swirl is the Danish Pastry they would most like to customise (46%)[2]

·       79% of consumers are willing to pay more for an indulgently topped Danish Pastry[3] (on average 78p more) and 66% of consumers will be more likely to buy a Danish Pastry if they could customise the toppings[4].

·       When asked how they would like to customise a Danish Pastry, 34% consumers would opt for chocolate sauce, and 33% would incorporate caramel, toffee, fudge or butterscotch flavours.

·       Chocolate pieces would be the number one topping of choice for 31% of consumers, and whipped cream would be for 30%[5] of consumer. 

·       Consumers also shared how they would elevate their Danish Pastry to a dessert level. Ice-cream is the most popular accompaniment (32%), with cream or whipped cream in second place at 29%, and chocolate pieces in third, as 28% of people would opt to add them as a topping[6].

·       More than half of the UK (57%) would prefer to have their topped Danish Pastry as a hot dessert[7].


Sam Winsor continues: “The Schulstad Bakery Solutions’ Cinnamon Swirl is one of our best-selling products with its authentic cinnamon filling and distinctive swirl shape. It’s a great sweet treat for a ‘me time moment’ on its own but can also be customised by adding indulgent sweet topping such as chocolate, cream or a caramel sauce as an added value and an increased menu margin item to really get consumers excited”.

Operators can let consumers lead the way and enhance a Cinnamon Swirl by adding the most desired flavours from the poll. Outlets can also offer an instagrammable finish by dipping half the pastry into melted chocolate, drizzling with white chocolate and dusting with cinnamon sugar for a totally indulgent treat. Using a mixture of white, milk and dark chocolate will add further aesthetic appeal. These simple additions can be used to create something really special for consumers, while providing a profit uplift opportunity for operators. 

Alternatively, the brand’s Maple Pecan Plait can be upgraded by topping with whipped cream, adding a sprinkle of chocolate pieces and drizzling with caramel sauce. Best of all, most of these topping ingredients are commonly found in most operator kitchens, take minimal time to do but create an indulgent sweet impact, maximising that treat occasion.

The Vanilla Crème Crown can also be elevated to the next level by topping with whipped cream and adding fresh seasonal fruit, such as strawberries and blueberries, for a pop of colour. Adding meringue pieces and finishing with a drizzle of caramel sauce will tap into Eton mess flavours to make the most of the dessert-inspired consumer trend as well as the treat occasion.

 Sam Winsor says: “78% of consumers eat a sweet pastry at least once a fortnight[8], so, there is a captive audience ready to engage with the category’s latest ‘Glow Up’ trend. What’s more 79% are willing to pay more[9] for an indulgently sweet topped version of their favourite Danish Pastry.”

“As outlets face increasing challenges from inflation and the rise in cost of living, it makes sense to review existing menu items and look at ways they can level them up. Danish Pastries offer operators an opportunity to drive sales of their existing pastry range and increase profit by adding tasty dessert sauces, sweet toppings and whipped cream. Simple ingredients that can be commonly found in most kitchens but can be used to quickly create something that will really drive sweet sales.”  

With consumer appetite ripe for the latest sweet treat ‘Glow Up’, there is no better time to drive sales and market share by stocking quality Danish Pastry products like Schulstad Bakery Solutions. Using PoS, hot drink pairing promotions, customisation options or customer recommendations can help outlets further promote and capitalise on this opportunity, and in turn create a healthy profit.


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