As a prominent name in the UK combi oven market for over a decade, Unox has gained popularity for its extraordinary product innovation, exceptional service and outstanding support. Core to its business, in line with the industry’s demand, is sustainability.

Running right to the heart of our company, Unox has made a commitment to the future of our industry. Having launched a global action plan – E-miXion 2030 – a multi-million-pound environmental strategy, Unox is striving to achieve net zero carbon emissions across the global business by 2030.

In the UK, we took a major step towards this action plan by launching our state-of-the-art UK Experience Centre in the summer of 2022. The purpose-built site combines the very latest in sustainable materials, energy-saving systems, smart technology and the space to not only support our existing team but to future-proof our business for years to come. Years in the making, the Unox UK Experience Centre was created in conjunction with one of the country’s most respected sustainability consultants. Featuring a bank of 287 roof-mounted photovoltaic panels, which offset the energy drawn from the grid or a floor made from Marmoleum, a UK-made substance created from 97% natural materials, the building has been thoroughly considered.

Sustainability is fundamental to all our product development now and in the future. From the use of recyclable materials and components, to the investment in technology that helps us create a green manufacturing process and supply chain, Unox is committed to reducing our impact on the environment. However, sustainability goes further than simply manufacturing equipment with the environment at its heart. This focus on technology also allows us to develop appliances that are packed full of the latest features to help hoteliers improve efficiency and reduce energy costs in their kitchens. All in all, sustainability is one of the most important aspects to influence the future of our business.

From a product point of view, Unox is known for pushing the boundaries of innovation and development – something that can be seen across our equipment portfolio. Designed to support chefs, Unox manufactures a range of market-leading solutions including the CHEFTOP MIND.Maps combi range, or SPEED-X, a truly ground-breaking appliance which represents the world’s first self-washing combi speed oven.

Our drive for innovation doesn’t just stop at cooking. Designed to preserve hot food, reduce waste, save energy and speed up service times, EVEREO is a patented hot fridge, which, when used in conjunction with our award-winning MULTI.Day Hot Vacuum, transforms the way a commercial kitchen operates. Using never seen before technology, operators can seal hot food in gastronorm trays or bags, preserving it at service temperature for up to 72 hours. Ideal for busy hotels, MULTI.Day technology and EVEREOâ can help to reduce food waste and cut down on electricity demand.