Transformational technology company is set to reinvent drinks chilling forever and offer more sustainable refrigeration for industry

Innovative refrigeration technology expert Enviro-Cool has launched V-Tex, a game-changing technology that chills cans and bottles on demand.

V-Tex is a low energy, rapid-cooling drink-chilling unit which uses a Rankine vortex, a mathematical model of a vortex in a viscous fluid, combined with ice and water to chill drinks like never before.

Drinks are placed in a unique gripper and subjected to ‘forced convection’, opposed to the natural convection of existing equipment. Not only is it chilling drinks in a matter of minutes, V-Tex is shaking up the refrigeration game, offering unparalleled energy savings of 50-90%.

It also eliminates the need for commonly-used chemicals and glycol, adding to the environmental benefits. Furthermore, the intelligent design has also overcome the challenge of agitating carbonated liquids without fizzing, which has stumped experts for years.

In most commercial environments where drinks are sold, pre-packed beverages are kept cold 24/7. V-Tex technology is an eco-friendly solution to refrigeration, allowing venues to rapidly and perfectly chill beverages at the point of sale or consumption.

Flexibility is another notable feature, as the V-Tex unit’s universal holders can accommodate any size can, plastic or glass bottle drink from 150ml to two litres. It means vendors can offer customers a wider choice of chilled beverages without the need for large and bulky refrigeration equipment. Larger volumes of drinks can also be cooled using fewer refrigerators, a particular advantage for large scale operators such as contract caterers.

It’s a key milestone for the company, which was originally founded with the aim of reducing the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions from refrigeration, which currently make up more than 3% of the mix.

Thanks to this new ‘Chill then Go’ service, a huge range of commercial environments can now deliver a refreshed drinks service, across a variety of sectors including: retail, hospitality, events and commercial outfits.

Commenting on the launch, Colin Rodgers, Director, at V-Tex, said: “The idea of on-demand drinks chilling has been around for many years, and several large companies have tried to achieve it, but without success. V-Tex enables large quantities of drinks to be chilled in a brief time, from a small footprint, whilst using significantly less energy than conventional methods. I hope, in time, this technology will be the global standard for beverage chilling.”

V-Tex has the potential to transform the way businesses chill and serve their beverages. Initially aimed at the commercial market, there are plans for a consumer iteration later. With its intuitive control panel, efficient cooling system and premium design, V-Tex is a must-have for any business that wants to provide high-quality, chilled drinks to its customers.