Managing a business means juggling many tasks  at once, and managing your cash is no different. Typically, this takes time, money and energy. Cash360™ is a technology-led, managed cash solution that addresses these challenges, so allow us to tell you about this.

Save time and money whilst doing your bit for the planet

Cash360™ means significant benefits for your business, customers and others:
Money saving: Once your money is inserted into a smart safe, it’s validated, counted, ready for reconciliation and won’t be touched again until it’s collected by a security-vetted driver.
Improve control: Your cash is visible to you 24/7 via a self-service portal, and as it’s indemnified by the world’s leading security company G4S, you can have peace-of-mind that it’s always secure.
Reduce Waste: The smart safe knows how much cash it’s holding and schedules collections only when needed which reduces the vehicle emissions and one-time plastic associated with banking your cash.
Your business, customer and your accountants will be delighted with the results.

Commerce continues to change

Retail is constantly changing. Consumer expectations and behaviour are shaped by so many variables, ranging from social media, emphasis on healthy eating, to the increasing cost of everyday items.
In terms of money, retailers are in the front line of change, having to respond to the increased use of contactless payments via a myriad of devices and schemes, continuous security threats at point-of-sale and, most recently, a resurgence in cash usage in response to the cost of living crisis.
It is clear that retailers need to constantly review and adapt their approach to cash and payments management, from front to middle and back office. While cash usage has decreased, it’s not going away anytime soon and is forecasted to be the second most frequently used payment method in the UK for the foreseeable future.

G4S Intelligent cash management, collections and processing

In an age of constant change in the world of commerce, G4S is the only company that provides a full end-to-end cash and payments management solution. With security at the core of its purpose, Cash360™ provides business owners and managers with the means to save time and money in cash management.
Cash360™ is the secure and integrated cash management solution from G4S. If your business accepts cash, you are likely spending a lot of extra money throughout the year on managing it. Cash360™ reduces these costs and gives time back to the business, while improving security and cashflow.