Lean, green, talking machines – Unox ignites the future of combi ovens.

The world of hospitality is constantly evolving. To thrive and innovate hoteliers have no choice but to adapt if they want to be seen as an industry leader. With the shifts in environmental legislation and public demand for more sustainable practices in hotels, bars, and restaurants, Unox is at the forefront when it comes to innovation, revolutionary vision, and complete customer support. There’s a reason why Michelin-starred chefs are talking about our combi ovens – and to them, for that matter. Inventing SPEED.PRO™, the first baking speed oven, and more recently, SPEED-X™ the world’s first self-washing combi speed oven, we’re completely reshaping the possibilities within professional kitchens. 

Innovation runs to the very heart of our business. From striving to develop commercial cooking equipment with energy efficiency and sustainability at its core, to technology that supports operators, drives consistency and delivers precision time and time again. Continuing to explore the possibilities in terms of manufacturing and technological evolution, we’re proud to have recently launched X-Generation – the most powerful range of combi ovens ever.

Introducing a new perspective to how a chef can interact with their equipment, X-Generation sets a completely new standard in terms of performance and opportunity in a kitchen. Our unique models, CHEFTOP-X™ and BAKERTOP-X™ are the result of a project that lasted more than three years and combined the expertise of over 50 dedicated engineers, physicists, chemists, and chefs. Taking inspiration from the way we interact with our remarkably intelligent smartphones, the latest ovens from Unox feature Digital.ID™, for a fast, intuitive, and fully customisable interface, complete with hyper-connectivity enhanced with artificial intelligence.

The X-Generation really is the next phase in professional cooking. Ovens that understand the way a chef speaks, in whatever language, and can intuitively learn how and when they are used to drive efficiency and consistency in the kitchen. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the ovens come with ‘HEY.Unox’, enabling chefs to operate the oven with their voice. This combined with the brand-new, optional OPTIC.Cooking accessory, allows operators to simply insert a tray of food, letting the oven recognise the ingredients virtually and start the correct cooking programme.

One of the newest Unox combi ovens, CHEFTOP-X, has been designed to minimise their environmental impact, both during production and especially when in use. They feature ingenious functions such as SMART.Energy, a feature that is capable of reducing and optimising consumption and CO2 emissions continuously, even when the oven is empty. Moreover, these features combine to provide personalised suggestions to users to be greener while cooking, for example by warning them if the door has been open for too long. Their insulation technology has also been improved to further limit heat loss and thus make CHEFTOP-X™ one of the most efficient appliances a hotel kitchen can boast.

Aside from the innovative features, the Generation-X range from Unox achieves outstanding operator functionality. Featuring Unox’s Digital.ID™ operating platform, the ovens are smarter than anything seen before. First seen on SPEED-X™, Digital.ID™ is a truly remarkable user interface that can be found on CHEFTOP-X™. Operated from the oven or via an app for complete remote access, anywhere and at any time. Built on a user profile format, operators can log into any connected Unox Digital ID™ enabled oven, anywhere in the world to instantly see their own customised layout. The system is at its full potential when combined with DIGITAL.Training and COOKING.Concierge – features that put hoteliers in direct contact with the Unox Corporate Chef team right through the oven. Not only that, we’ve gone one step further with our latest software launch. 

It’s no secret that commercial kitchens are getting smaller, and finding – but also retaining – skilled kitchen staff is becoming more challenging. With this combination, Unox predicted a shift toward more data-driven solutions. This is one of the reasons we recently launched the ground-breaking Data Driven Cooking (DDC) 2.0 solution to help deliver effortless oven management – from an individual kitchen to an entire estate. Connectivity is now a given in the world of professional hotelier catering equipment, however, few platforms can compete with the user-friendliness, detail, and capability of DDC 2.0. Created from genuine customer feedback, DDC 2.0 takes connectivity and remote monitoring to a completely new level. Ideal for hotel groups, the software helps our customers turn data into actionable strategies. From driving consistency through automatic menu updates to the ability to detect underperforming units, setting goals and targets to improve, DDC 2.0 is a ground-breaking step forward in kitchen technology.

To find out more about X-Generation combi ovens and DDC 2.0, please visit www.unox.com or call +44 (0)1252 851 522.