Create an unforgettable atmosphere and showcase your hotel’s character by investing in timeless bespoke interior with Cocoon & Bauer. 

Please introduce us to Cocoon and Bauer and what the brand strives to achieve.

Cocoon & Bauer are an interior design studio based in the north east of England. We produce stunning interiors for the luxury residential, commercial and hospitality sectors. We never focus on the pure aesthetics of our interiors. Instead we look to create feelings, emotions, atmospheres and memorable moments which have longevity and purpose.

How can interior design work in line with boosting revenue at an overnight stay venue?

The guest or client is looking for that break away, that memorable occasion to celebrate or the chance to spoil yourself. In the first instance it’s that visual impact of an image on a booking website, or on social media that pulls them in. Then it’s the feeling as you enter for the first time and the overwhelming impression it leaves. From then on it’s the experience of their stay and the luxury setting around them. The quality of the interior design is essential; from the initial moment you are enticed to stay to the point you become a returning guest.

When beginning a project at an overnight stay venue, where do Cocoon and Bauer’s designers know where to start?

It’s always about the facts. Whether it’s a luxury bedroom, a restaurant, cocktail bar or even Orangery. What is the main goal? What is the client striving to achieve? Who are the users? From this you have your brief and from that brief you can develop your inspiration and your ideas which will always focus back on the initial objective. 

What elements elevate an interior to a luxury standard? 

Firstly the finer details; how the design has been intelligently thought through to overcome obstacles or issues with the space. Secondly, the quality of the finishes. Luxurious doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive but it has to be fit for purpose and relevant to the design. Lastly, lighting. Lighting can transform any interior and a correct lighting design can change moods, affect ambience and elevate the design to a higher standard.

How can our readers work with Cocoon and Bauer? 

We work across the country and work on small independent projects to large scale refurbishments. Our main routes of contact are through email or social media but we never say no to a phone call or a coffee at our Yarm office!