Finally, there’s a time-saving, no-cost solution for hotels dealing with storing and managing guests’ luggage.  LuggageHero, an international leading provider of on-demand luggage storage since 2016, has turned its expertise to the hotel industry with the launch of HotelsHero. The service helps hotels of all sizes seamlessly store luggage, while also giving guests the option of tipping bell staff without needing cash.

HotelsHero’s sophisticated AI-powered system streamlines the luggage storage process in several ways, with no extra space or lockers needed. For hotels that want a fully secure self-service option, the technology allows guests to effortlessly store their own luggage without taking staff’s time. For hotels that want to operate their own storage, HotelsHero provides a secure and convenient method of signup and bag identification. Under both systems, hotels can choose whether to offer luggage storage for free or add a handling fee. Guests have the option of adding insurance coverage through HotelsHero.

Hotels pay nothing for this software. Revenue for HotelsHero comes from service fees paid by guests for any add-ons, such as tipping or insurance.

HotelsHero’s market research has shown that UK and European hotels are more accustomed to and prefer fully self-service luggage storage. On the other hand, the U.S. market tends to prefer using staff to store luggage, which is more time-consuming.  Another huge advantage of HotelsHero in this case is the digital tipping software. For all markets, HotelsHero can customize a hotel’s luggage storage based on their specific needs. Here are the basics of each option:

Storage-assisted option, with digital tipping 

When guests arrive at a hotel, they scan the HotelsHero QR Code, tag their luggage and give it to the bell staff. Retrieving luggage is done via a digital claims ticket. Customers have the option to purchase insurance and to tip staff. While digital tipping has become common with such things as ride shares and food service, mobile tipping in hotels is behind the times. With guests carrying less to no cash, not having this option has reduced employees’ tips. This reduction in tips exacerbates the high turnover rate that hotels already face. Based on existing tipping practices at LuggageHero’s storage locations in 41 countries, where customers leave their luggage in shops, cafes and other drop-off points, HotelsHero believes that hotels will see a significant boost in tips. Another important feature is the advanced analytics tool, which calculates a hotel’s busy periods, predicting rush hours, seasonality, and peak times. This equips hotels to be better prepared, ensuring seamless experiences for both guests and staff.

Self-service option

With the self-service option, hotel staff won’t have to manage luggage, which frees up their time for other duties. This solution, which does not rely on lockers, can be up and running at a hotel within a week. When guests arrive at a hotel, they follow signage to the storage location. There they scan the HotelsHero QR Code and tag their luggage. They also have the option to purchase insurance. Their sign-up also enables the locked door to the storage area to open, and they manually store their own luggage. When it’s time to retrieve their bags, their booking again enables the storage door to open. Travelers will appreciate this service because they don’t have to wait for hotel staff to be available. Hotels still have the option to enable digital tipping with the self-service option.

Security all around

Regardless of which storage option a hotel chooses, the intelligent platform automatically identifies each booking’s tags and bag details. Each storage seal is designed to show clear signs of tampering, offering guests and hotel staff immediate visual confirmation of unauthorized access. (Managers choose whether to enable or disable the use of security seals.) On top of this, travelers have the option of insurance coverage through HotelsHero.

Benefiting the bottom line and the guest experience

By using HotelsHero, hotels can enhance the guest experience by offering them the freedom to explore unencumbered. At the same time, they can save staff hours spent dealing with luggage and tap into advanced insights and streamlined operations. It’s not just about storing luggage – it’s about upgrading the entire guest experience and offering a storage solution that’s as travel-savvy as their guests.