With a week to go until local elections, UKHospitality is urging local authorities to throw their backing behind a sector that can deliver economic growth, drive employment and revive communities.

In its local elections manifesto, which has been sent to council leaders, local authority CEOs and candidates across the country, UKHospitality sets out how the decisions of local authorities are crucial to the survival of businesses. From planning and licensing to public transport, central business operations are determined by local decisions.

UKHospitality is advocating for councils to:

  • Take a pro-growth approach to licensing applications, including minor variations and Temporary Event Notices. 
  • Enable a faster, permissive and mores streamlined approach to planning applications. 
  • Deliver more efficient and low-cost public transport systems to support businesses and residents.
  • Provide discretionary business rates relief to hospitality businesses that need it. 
  • Actively promote hospitality jobs and skills through local authority channels. 
  • Avoid excessive regulations, such as Late Night Levies, and collaborate with the late-night economy to bring benefits to local areas.


UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “A significant number of the practical, day-to-day issues that hospitality businesses face start and end with the local authority. Absolutely critical factors to the success of a venue, like licensing and planning, are in the hands of councils and their approach to these important issues are vital to the sector’s future.

“We have seen time and time again the positive impact hospitality can have on local communities and it can once again prove itself as a catalyst for growth; reinvigorating communities, creating local growth and job opportunities in a tough economic climate. 

“Hospitality is not immune from those economic challenges and, while macroeconomic issues around taxes and energy sit with central government, a positive and enabling attitude to the sector at a local level can see it quickly generate economic growth and job opportunities. 

“Backing our sector is undoubtedly one of the quickest ways local authorities can deliver benefits for businesses, residents and, ultimately, the country.”