In an exclusive interview with Ryan Elkerton, Hotel Manager at INNSiDE Manchester, we discuss the opportunity to offer premium wellness and elevate the guest experience with Peloton’s in-room fitness equipment.


Please explain the Wellness Room concept and the inspiration behind it. 

INNSiDE by Meliá always seeks to offer guests unique experiences designed to enrich their stay. We take a holistic approach when it comes to creating activations ensuring we connect guests to the city’s cultural heritage, emerging talent and the latest wellness trends.

Whilst for many guests a hotel stay is a chance to explore a new destination, it is also a chance to escape the ordinary, indulge in luxuries and try something new. Peloton have taken the world by storm, offering a truly unique fitness experience encouraging people to be the best version of themselves anytime and anywhere.

We were inspired by Peloton’s approach to fitness anytime, anywhere and wanted to offer guests the opportunity to experience the platform. We already encourage visitors to find escapism in their hotel room with added luxuries and yoga mats. Peloton is an added experience which enhances this offering and ethos. We hope guests will be inspired to dedicate time to wellness, not just when at home but when away also.


Why did you choose Peloton for this new addition to your venue’s rooms? 

Peloton are true pioneers when it comes to at home and on-the-go wellness. The brand has created an incredible community where fitness and wellness is available anytime. We always want to ensure we offer guests the best experience and partnering with such a sophisticated and progressive brand such as Peloton does this.


How does Peloton work in line with your hotel’s brand and ethos? 

Our ethos at INNSiDE by Meliá is #StayCurious. Whether that is connecting to a local artist, discovering new local musicians or tapping into the latest wellness trend, we want our guests to discover something new with us. We have always encouraged guests to make time for mind and body with wellness. INNSiDE Manchester is home to Escape Spa which offers a number of bespoke treatments, our rooms also offer yoga mats for those who want to maintain their regular fitness regime or feel inspired to try something new.


What do you aim to get out of this new initiative? 

Our collaboration with Peloton is an excellent opportunity for INNSiDE by Meliá and INNSiDE Manchester to be seen as industry leader when it comes to enriching the guest experience. We strive to offer accommodation with unique lifestyle experiences. I think this collaboration really demonstrates our commitment to this. Aligning with such a high-end wellness provider delivers the best of the best to guests.


What is the target audience for the new Wellness Rooms and what kind of strategy will you use to market this successfully? 

We want this to be an activation which attracts fitness fanatics to INNSiDE Manchester, seeing the hotel as the perfect stay choice to maintain fitness programmes and feel at home. However, we also want this collaboration to inspire guests to try something new. They may be trying to get fit but are unsure on what will work for them, they may be considering buying their own Peloton or fitness may be a completely new venture for them. We hope by offering Peloton experiences in the comfort of our hotel rooms, we can provide a safe space for those looking to try something different.

We are really excited to show off our new rooms. We want for people to see this as an opportunity to be a better version of themselves. We will connect with top lifestyle journalists and invite them to review the space first hand and share their authentic experience with their readers. We will also be inviting wellness influencers to stay and try out the new rooms to share with their engaged conscious audience.

Travellers want physical and mental wellness to continue their at-home routines when they travel. Hotels must seek out seamless omni-location experiences to meet this expectation. Peloton offers hoteliers an entirely unique opportunity to meet all these shifting guest demands, and create a full holistic wellness and fitness experience, without making any physical changes to a property.