When it comes to snacking, guests are concerned with three things: health, taste and innovation in the form of exciting new flavours. While this has been the case for some time, the pandemic has fuelled a much greater interest in health and nutrition, with protein being pivotal for increasing amounts of people who are now exercising, with the macronutrient helping them to repair and build muscle mass.

Noticing this demand, sports and nutrition brand Grenade has championed healthier snacking with their range of low sugar high protein bars, shakes and flapjacks. In particular, Grenade have been the UK’s best-selling protein bar brand for the last three years. This success has enabled them to break into channels outside of sports, and into grocery, convenience, high street, forecourts and food service.

Driving Grenade’s growth are its ‘core six’ protein bar flavours, which include White Chocolate Salted Peanut, Fudged Up, Cookie Dough, White Chocolate Cookie, Peanut Nutter, and Chocolate Chip Salted Caramel, with the latter leading the charge.

While ‘low sugar’ and ‘high protein’ health claims continue to be popular, having healthy credentials alone isn’t enough. These offerings may grab customers’ attention, but unless products also deliver on taste, it’s unlikely they’ll garner repeat customers – the holy grail for any brand. Understanding this, Grenade regularly updates existing lines, making the most advances in manufacturing.

Grenade’s success has also been recognised by Mondelez, who acquired the brand in 2021. Their first acquisition since Cadbury’s, Mondelez will afford Grenade a huge amount of additional expertise, not least, access to their global sales team with the ambition of ensuring Grenade not only remains a household brand in the UK but overseas, too.