With a mission to encourage people to live a more sustainable lifestyle, reconnecting with nature and improving health and wellbeing through skincare and fragrance, we’d like to introduce you to Bath House, their exclusive hotel collection and how the products could boost client retention rates.

Who are Bath House and what do you do?

We are makers of artisan fragrances and natural skincare created from the heart and made with a conscience. We first met at art college and became friends sharing a love of the art, design and the British landscape and later settled in the Lake District. We found this an inspiring place to live and work. Here the landscape, unspoiled and wild led us through a creative journey, and in 1997 we came together to create the Bath House, making fragrance and natural skincare.


We offer a collection specifically curated for the setup of a hotel. Principally our hotel collection is  natural, vegan, and sustainable. All our products are made with eco-certified ingredients and are essentially plastic free. Our aluminium bottles can be purchased without pumps to save on plastic waste and also we provide matching refill pouches, which can be returned free of charge to be recycled through the Terracycle scheme and repurposed into outdoor equipment, helping you to reduce plastic waste.


How can the range from Bath House fit in to the setup of a hotel?

The products are very simple and contemporary in their design so they’ll fit into lots of different spaces within a hotel. Due to the overall aesthetic of the range, all of the products are the perfect accompaniment to high-end hotels, offering a real extra touch of luxury.

Situated perfectly in the en-suite of a hotel room or in one of our select welcome packs to elevate a guest’s experience to the next level.

Tell us about Bath House’s product range.

Supplying luxury products with fragrances inspired by special moments and the places which our team have visited is at the heart of what we do.

We offer home fragrances within the hotel collection in order for guests to relate a particular scent to your venue, encouraging them to return time and time again.

Some of our most popular products for the hotel market are our reed infusers with a naturally derived oil which are available in patchouli and black pepper and bamboo and jasmine, both of which are welcoming and memorable fragrance pairings. These can be placed around a hotel, setting an ambience and a general relaxed mood upon arrival and during a stay.

The quality of our products ensures that we are placed in the more exclusive hotel and hospitality establishments, who share our values and like us they always want to go the extra mile to ensure guests can experience great quality bathing amenities and skincare during their visit. The feel of luxury products and natural, ingredients on the skin makes for a subtle but memorable part of a special stay or place visited. The scent which lingers in the skin is then locked away in memory so that when guests re-encounter another time the fresh Bamboo and Jasmine scent or the sensual aroma of our Patchouli and Black pepper they are instantly transported back to that special place, inclining customers to return to a venue.

How can the products from Bath Shop work in line with boosting revenue at an overnight stay venue?

The sustainability and environmental aspects of amenities have been a huge talking point this year and is really helping to change things across the board in the hospitality sector. We work in line with this trend and always have done as we see how important it is. By keeping up with the growing demand of sustainability will make your venue stand out from the crowd in what is a competitive market. Implementing small changes like using larger refillable toiletries over individual miniature bottles are the sort of changes which will seem obvious in the future and become what guests expect from a luxury stay. By not compromising on luxury and adding an eco-friendly element to your business will allow you to greatly reap the benefits in terms of boosted revenue and increased footfall.