Leading PMS empowers hotels with optimised distribution strategies after unveiling channel manager with 400+ connections 

Guestline – one of the world’s leading hospitality technology companies, and part of The Access Group – has unveiled its fully integrated Distribution Hub designed to unlock new revenue streams for hoteliers.

Available with over 400 channel connections, Guestline’s Distribution Hub enables hoteliers to optimise the distribution mix of travel booking websites, third party sales partners, and direct business.  With automation, hotels can take advantage of both traditional channels and alternative partners including Metasearch, Airbnb and rental platforms.

Fully integrated into Guestline’s product suite including market-leading PMS, hotels can maximise operational efficiencies and reduce errors with real-time updates ensuring accurate availability across all channels at all times to avoid overbooking and lost revenue. By utilising the valuable insights from integrated data, hotels have the ability to optimise distribution strategies in order to maximise revenue from the most valuable channels.

“Hotel staff need more time for value-based tasks. Our Distribution Hub reduces manual updates allowing hotel teams to focus on strategic distribution to improve the cost of sale, while potentially attracting higher-value guests with lower acquisition costs. Guests are increasingly researching and booking hotels across various channels including metasearch sites like Trivago and Google, therefore hotels need to take an omnichannel approach to distribution. By diversifying their channel matrix, hotels can create competitive offerings in their third-party commission structures,” said Katharina Lunenburg, Senior Product Manager, Guestline.

Through the single user-friendly platform, hotels can manage all online sales channels with the ability to switch them on and off when required. The seamless connectivity delivers incoming reservations directory and securely into the PMS with PCI compliant payment handling and tokenisation, eliminating data silos. With greater control over distribution, hotels can geographically target markets, improve visibility in front of niche audiences or engage with channels offering lower commissions.

Guestline Distribution Hub offers a scalable, robust, reliable, and secure platform with full customer support, along with reporting and analytics capabilities to support revenue management strategies. It gives hoteliers the ability to customise distribution including MinLOS, closed channel functionality, and integrated niche channels in a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

The Guestline Distribution Hub supports the development of new revenue streams, enhanced pricing strategies, and operational and resource efficiencies, and is suitable for properties with 30 or more rooms.

For more information on Guestline, visit guestline.com