Under its “Care About Earth” program, Groupe GM, the global leader in sustainable hotel amenities, is enforcing its commitment to environmental stewardship. The company, renowned for its eco-responsible approach, has for ambitious goal eliminating virgin plastic derived from fossil fuels in favor of more sustainable materials such as recycled or plant-based materials.

Groupe GM has introduced several product novelties recently.
In a groundbreaking move they have just launched the first cardboard tube for the hospitality sector. This eco-innovative packaging can be customized to meet the specific desires of hoteliers and helps to reduce plastic usage by 99% compared to conventional plastic tubes.

Adding to its eco-friendly efforts they released a complete 0% Plastic Accessory Line, crafted with bio-based, recyclable, and sustainable materials. The line offers a viable alternative for hotels aiming to embrace green operations and sets a new standard in the hospitality industry.

The collection features bamboo-made combs and toothbrushes, exemplifying durability, owing to bamboo’s rapid growth rate. Complementing the range are solid shaving soaps, innovative toothpaste pills, cotton buds and pads, and a paper-based sewing kit adorned with a mother-of-pearl button. The line also offers slippers certified 0% plastic by SGS, crafted from cotton canvas and cardboard.

All items in the 0% Plastic Line are packaged in recycled paper envelopes that retain their natural color, free from chemical bleaching, and are printed with soy-based ink. This not only ensures the packaging is fully recyclable but also reduces the environmental impact associated with conventional petroleum-based inks.

A part from these novelties Groupe GM offers other innovative solutions such as the refillable large format dispenser, of up to 400 ml called Ecofill: an easy and safe dispenser with minimal environmental impact. It is safer than traditional bulk refill thanks to its sealed refill pouches of only 8g of recyclable plastics that prevent bacterial contamination, ensuring the product’s origin, quality, and traceability.

Further enhancing Groupe GM sustainable solutions is their solids with traditional soaps, shampoo, shower gel, and conditioner. These 100% plastic-free products use nine times less water in their production. Among Groupe GM’s responsible initiatives, the group partners with the Unisoap association in France to collect traditional soaps from hotels and give them a second life through recycling for humanitarian purposes.

Through these pioneering initiatives, Groupe GM not only minimizes its ecological footprint but also leads the way in responsible amenities, empowering hotels to enhance their sustainability practices. Their Care About Earth program exemplifies their commitment to environmental responsibility and sets the standard in the industry.


Since its creation in 2018, the “Care About Earth” program by Groupe GM has been at the forefront of sustainable development in the hotel amenities industry. Committed alongside their stakeholders, Groupe GM strive to innovate and reduce their environmental footprint, ensuring their practices contribute to the sustainability of the planet for future generations.

Groupe GM prioritizes green resources, focusing on reusability and minimizing fossil fuel-derived plastics. The core initiative, eco-conception, aims to reduce waste and conserve scarce resources.

Every product development stage integrates environmental considerations, from raw material sourcing to recycling. Through “Care About Earth,” Groupe GM reaffirms its eco-innovation commitment and leadership in promoting sustainable hospitality practices.

Through the “Care About Earth” program, Groupe GM not only underscores its commitment to eco-innovation but also solidifies its role as a leader in promoting sustainable practices within the global hospitality industry.

Discover more about Groupe GM’s and its sustainability efforts at: www.groupegm.com.