We recognise the importance of being values-led within the hotel sector. In an insightful piece from Clockwork Marketing, the team discuss how hotels can lead the way but be authentic with enviro accreditations and position themselves effectively to a conscious audience of travellers.

You may have seen a certain high street supermarket recently promoted a range of food and drink products that were B Corp certified.

B Corp is a rigorous certification from B Labs that requires businesses to demonstrate a high standard of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. 

Becoming more sustainable makes business sense. It’s backed by various research that demonstrates people want to buy from more ethically responsible businesses.

Research the evidence 

A survey from Neilsen found that 73% of Millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable products, while 81% expect companies to take environmental action. 

And more than half of UK adults (58%) use business certifications to make decisions about businesses to buy from and work for, according to a recent B Labs survey. 

There are more and more green and sustainable certification schemes in the hotel space now, but why do they matter? 

The rational mind 

When we make purchasing decisions, we use both the rational and emotional part of our brains. A green or sustainable certification allows our rational mind to tick off that requirement, like whether our room has tea and coffee facilities. We go through our own mental checklist before we buy. 

But the emotional part of our brain asks us whether the purchase feels right? Does the hotel brand connect with us emotionally and this may be a feeling of whether it shares our values. For those who will pay more to buy sustainable products, then a green certification or sustainable approach to tourism will connect more emotionally and deeply. 

Google advantage 

At Clockwork Marketing, we know that for the most part, people searching Google to book a hotel is the biggest driver of online bookings. 

We also know that Google now allows hotels to add their green certification to their Google business profile. But according to a recent AA survey, 73% of UK hospitality businesses don’t have a sustainability accreditation, offering those that have a point of difference and competitive advantage. 

The future of travel 

Becoming a more sustainable hotel makes business sense in terms of gaining more bookings, and reducing your carbon footprint lowers energy costs. But, ethically and rationally it’s the right thing to do. 

If we don’t have a more responsible approach to our environment and local community then they won’t be available to accommodate visitors. Just look at overcrowding on the Poldark beaches in Cornwall or tourist protests in Barcelona’

Go green for business growth but also for the future of travel. 

Clockwork Marketing has submitted its B Impact Assessment and has committed to becoming a B Corp.  www.clock-work.co.uk